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  1. Only tool needed
  2. Just watched Hotel Mumbai.

    That movie is messed up man. It's Liveleak the movie
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    This woman at work is a c Unt. It's really annoying. An issue is that on the outside she's super upbeat and whatever so she's tricking people into thinking she's really nice, but I've noticed recently that occasionally she'll let slip a comment that opens a window into her genuine psyche. Terrible person.

    There were two moments yesterday where I said something that was contrary to something she'd just said and she was VERY quick to respond, both times, with "AWESOME, THANKS!" in a SUPER upbeat, clearly sarcastic tone. The red flag for me was that her little catchphrase was completely jarring and didn't fit in with the conversation at all. She clearly doesn't like being corrected and was trying to shut me down.

    First example is that we received report of a road traffic collision from the police. The report contained details of an orange Porsche 911 that was involved. Her comment was "i can't see any reason why someone would drive something like that other than to show off at how much money they have" to which i responded "maybe they are a car enthusiast that enjoys driving?" which brought the first "AWESOME THANKS" response. I said "that's a bit sarcastic isn't it?" and she said "no not at all i'm just thankful for being educated" uh... what?

    Second example is that we were having fun playing a guess that tune kind of game where one of us says a lyric and someone else has to guess, just passing time during a quiet period. The woman in question asked another colleague of mine "who sings this?" in reference to what was playing on the radio at the time. My colleague responded with "It's Seal, I think", and she IMMEDIATELY barked back "Actually it's [soandso] *featuring* Seal" all smarmy, to which I interjected "well, you did ask who *sings* that song..." which got another "AWESOME THANKS!", which I just left to hang, jarringly, in the now silent control room.

    Like, b!tch, if you don't like being corrected then don't have stupid opinions or be wrong about shit.
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  4. Speaking of work. The director just announced my manager is being investigated. Everyone at our department gets an interview with an external bureau. Good good good.
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  5. Because she doesn't need some privileged white male mansplaning things to her!

    But, yeah, just shoot that back at her randomly the middle of her talking. Or answer her rhetorical questions with, "go **** yourself."
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  6. Going to take his job?
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  7. Possibly
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  8. Or punch her in the dick.
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  9. Our country gets an F1 Grand prix.

    Horrible racetrack. It's incredibly outdated and overtaking is not possible. Assen would've been a much better choice.
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  10. New potatoes for mid summer. That is the plan and early spring is giving good odds.

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  11. So we just had our election in Australia. Scott Morrison is still Prime Minister, an election everyone portrayed as a definite win for left-wing Labour leader, Bill Shorten.
    How do the media get it so wrong? As with Brexit, and Trump?
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  12. Because media is usually biased left.
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  13. What DO people think about brexit? seems like a shit show, and everything I've seen on the probrexit side seems like demogoguery but I'm definitely not informed on it

    Don't know a thing about australia election
  14. It's a shitshow.

    I think a brexit could be good for England, but EU doesn't really want them to leave, so they make it as hard for them as possible. Maybe as a warning to other European countries who might want to leave.
  15. Yes.

    As evidenced by corporations moving assets out of the UK instead of vice versa.

    Hard? How exactly? The UK could do a hard Brexit tomorrow if it so wished, the EU could also refuse to give extensions to the UK (they really have a hard time making up their minds, EU terms haven't changed). The UK and the EU don't want a "hard" border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, and the UK doesn't want a "hard" border between Northern Ireland and England. This is why the United Kingdom would very much like to stay within the EUCU, as well as pick the cherries off the European Single Market, without any obligations of an EU member state.

    And EU should agree to that? Wtf?

    That's like a wife filing for a divorce and still demanding to use your car and summer house. Why should anyone in his right mind agree to such terms?

    It's dawning to many people that renegotiating one's position in the world isn't that simple. Many of the treaties and agreements predate the Maastricht Treaty; the UK has been a member of the European Communities since 1975. A lot of paperwork has been generated since then. Coming up with new paperwork is unilaterally a British problem, and a self-caused problem at that.
  16. ugh I don't have the energy to understand brexit
  17. Or alimony.
  18. Nobody does. Just the legal framework for the backstop system is ridiculously complicated when you go into detail.

    The ones who understand Brexit the least also seem to be the most vehement proponents of a no-deal Brexit.
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    Terminator: Dark Fate trailer drops in 3 hours.
    direct sequel to T2
    Not sure if excited or preparing to be incredibly let down at what HAS to be the franchises last chance....


  20. I'm fairly certain the number 1 reason why people wanted out was 'forced' immigration policies. But I doubt UK government would be any better than what those that voted for Brexit were hoping.
    I'm sure the UK could do it well on their own, but theres going to be major difficulties. Irish border is up there, as already mentioned.

    If they get out unscathed, I'm sure others will move that way too. Which would end up better for the UK
  21. A female protaganist?

    The feminists are taking over!

  22. trailer came out. Looks horrible.

  23. FIAT/Chrysler talking merger with Renault. Lol are they shooting for the largest group of shitty cars?
  24. Renault already ruined Nissan ugh.

    I can imagine a meeting by the board of FCA and Renault. Bunch of Italians on one side and Frenchies on the other side. Lots of wine and cursing.
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