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I leik this thread;

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  1. I really hope Canada chooses either the Eurofighter or the Rafale. The Rafale just on pure sexyness. The Eurofighter on pure badassness.

    I can see them picking the Saab, but it just looks so dated. And I much prefer the idea of twin engined fighters.
  2. Saw Spiderman Far From Home. I really liked it. Jake Gukliuhfall did a good Mysterio.
    Where the **** are you **** buckets hiding?
  3. I might go see it
  4. Saw Spiderman as well. Didn't really like it, the story was a bit far fetched.

    Jake as Mysterio was great though.
  5. yeah, a man with SOME of the physical attributes of a spider, but NOT the signature trait (8 legs)??

    idk I don't buy it
  6. No. The fucking drones.
  7. So the getting super powers from a spider bite, shape shifting aliens, and spider armor wasn't over the top?
  8. Believable!
  9. My wife and i got a painting from her dad.

    Turns out it's a painting that might be worth a shitload of money lol
  10. Stolen Nazi art?
  11. lol nah ching chong art
  12. I just noticed that the front page of the site has no mention of the forum.
  13. yeah they changed it recently. Now the link is in a sub-menu under "lists"

  14. I wonder how many dozens of euros the new owner spent on the site .
  15. why are they ashamed of us
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  16. Couldn't find it at all from mobile.
    We're being hidden in the basement until we die.
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  17. Remember when the Indies were a bit like that? There wasn't a direct link to the main forum so there's a whole underclass of old members with loads of posts who never actually made it out. I've definitely seen accounts with usernames I didn't recognise with a few thousand posts on.

    Question for everyone: Who else joined the forum because they felt compelled to argue with someone in an indie forum?
  18. I just joined to bash ricers and rub it in their face that there is no replacement for displacement!
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  19. I probably started off as a ricer, but learned otherwise real quick.
    Fun fact: This forum led me to open an Israeli supercars forum on some anyone-can-open-a-forum site. Back then, there were no supercars in Israel (except for like, one Ferrari and an urban legend about a Lamborghini) and everyone were ricers. My friend an I quickly made a name for ourselves, bashing ricers and growing in user-base. A little bit of luck led us to open our own website, with the help of friends - a programmer, a marketing expert and us content writers and moderators. We wrote articles, had guest writers, reported news and covered events. We had more than 5,000 subscribed users (this is, like, 2003 on the Israeli web, so that's a lot) and a very active forum. We had people with technical background answer questions and right tutorials. We even produced a couple of big events, had merch and whatnot. It ended up dying on its own when we each went our own way, since there was no money in it, but I was able to put it on my first resume and get a job based on that experience and knowledge.
    We had two "competing" forums back then and we blew them out of the water with more activity, better content and by stealing a few of their mods.
    SC.net was the inspiration to all that. I mean, automotively, because the technology was shit and a lot of you were douchetrolls.
  20. fkin douchetrolls hahahah

    why is it that the first person who comes to my mind is Spyder757? LOL
  21. I think I actually got along with that one alright. Or not, I don't really remember. I had an arch enemy but I don't remember his nickname.
  22. I got here to post some pics i believe. 2004 this was.
  23. Lost $100 in 20 minutes on the stock market

    Luckily I can write off EOY losses on my taxes. 'Murica **** yeah
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  24. It's gonna be 40 degrees here tomorrow. Ugh.

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