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I leik this thread;

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  1. i think the reputation score thing was just specific to that website but I don't really understand what that site was about.

    Either way, it seems as though he actually is dead
  2. Please elaborate.

    I have no idea who these people were and what happened.
  3. Cliff notes are that p996t/Ryan (the dead guy/guy in the above pics) I think paid for another guy to fly down from Canada to Pittsburgh for like, a party of some sort. (Additional notes: Ryan offered to fly me to his place from England in like, 2005 and put me up in a fancy hotel and whatnot)

    Fast forward to after the two of them met, and 996911turbo then made a post about how Ryan allegedly drugged him and raped him.

    Cue billions of posts about it, and people taking sides to some degree. Some believing the allegations, some not. Some believing it was a case of buyer's remorse etc. It went on for some time
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  4. I can't stand that shit. Has richdad money, yet there is a GoFundMe for him. Some dude on a local forum posted a GoFundMe for his kid. Then a week later he's showing pictures of new rifles he bought with a big ass 60in plasma in the background.
  5. what a c u n t
  6. Buying a house is a pain in the house nowadays. We wanted to look at a house that we saw online. It was only advertised for just one day, the next day i call to make appointment and it's not even possible to get a tour with the real estate agent, because there's already 50 people/couples who want to have a look. Wtf man.
  7. wait what what rifles

    also the gofund me seems kinda sad, 15$ that he probably put in himself. but yeah he was rich af so wHY?
  9. is this why people hate him?
    what did the other guy do after

    seems like a pretty big deal
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    I think it's where most of the hate stems from.

    the other guy didn't do anything afaik. he got quite a bit of hate as well, and ended up leaving after a while. The police weren't informed, at least not that i know of. it all just petered out until the next drama (HARKA CRASHING THE FORUM lolol)
  11. that harka guy was a dick glad he is gone for good!!

    hey do you guys think its funny that all the related gofundme's are for people who need medical treatment to not die?

    at least we know we're free!
  12. RIP antipimpage
  13. I remember giving some money to someone here who was sick. Can't remember who it was. Maybe the guy who had Lyme disease? Was that even here? **** I'm old.
  14. sad, was it actually an std though
  15. Antipimpage if I'm not mistaken.
  16. Didn't 996911 (not dead) end up having some issues with underage boys or something? Vaguely remember that.
  17. Is he dead?
  18. Probably. Or made off with all of your money.
  19. The last threads i saw him make were about some treatment he was flying out to Switzerland to get, and I believe that's what he needed financial help with. As far as I could tell it was close to, if not his last chance of recovery. He stopped posting not long after that.

    Either he died, or he duped everyone and ran away with some cash. Nobody on here spoke to him on MSN or AIM or even knew his real name, so there hasn't been a way of being able to look him up and see if he's OK.
  20. Ditto. It was the first version of that picture that I saw so for a bit I genuinely believed it was real.

    I'm not sure whether I'm remembering this right, but after he got reamed for being chinless I think he posted some pictures and it looked like he'd had a procedure done to give him one.
  21. Zachary Dowell
  22. My Jew senses are tingling
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  23. I was about to start searching through Facebook profiles, but then I realised I didn't know what he looks like.

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