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I leik this thread;

  1. Boobs

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  2. Balls

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  3. Butt

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  1. If you don't know, I assume nobody here knows
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  2. I'd like to make a collage of faces again, but there aren't enough of us to make it worth it really. I think the biggest version from back in the day had over 150 regular members on it, and there were still plenty of regulars who didn't submit a picture.
  3. You could try emailing him... [email protected]
  4. I think I will. Thank you.
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    Well, this was pure chance that I found this, but....


    EDIT: I also love the fact that in amongst the reasonably on-topic posts in that thread (now with no images), there's obviously a shitload of p996t posts that were deleted because he was being obnoxious with his "I'm so rich" attitude, and then towards the back end there's an argument going on about water skiing boats.
  6. There are multiple screens at work with ballpoint pen marks on them because people point at shit with their pen. Dickheads.
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  7. No luck on Facebook search. Google shows a post on a Corvette forum in 2016, the last year he posted here.
  8. If you check his profile there you'll see that he was active in 2017 as well, but that doesn't say much.
  9. So, what did I miss so far?
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  10. Sadly not much. Like I have posted before the site has been a nice window to people living in different places. There are so few of us left that we dont miss a topic by visiting once a month. :(
  11. And that's a shame. Like I said to James yesterday on Facebook that this place was so cool, and posts where coming in left and right that it was hard to keep up. Those were the days. :(
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  12. Is it winter yet in Canada?
  13. It's starting

  14. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  15. Almost 5 hours before a reply, that's sad. :(:(
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    Yeah, we're basically on life support here. Looks like only 5 or 6 of us still posting, and this is essentially the only active thread.

    I come here once a day on average I think, to check for the few updates that happen.
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  17. I found a pasta that's suitable for ETB4U
  18. I'm on here at least 8 hours a day just waiting...
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  19. Is it boiled in the tears of illegal immigrants and topped with a stick of butter and freedom sprinkles?
  20. I tried to upload a photo but it didn't work. Here's a picture from the internet:

  21. Still no work
  22. I got a new job
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