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I leik this thread;

  1. Boobs

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  2. Balls

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  3. Butt

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  1. Doing what?
    Professional mouth hugger?
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  2. Something like that
  3. Perfect! I knew you'd follow your dreams and achieve big one day!

    But seriously, doing what?
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  4. Leading IT projects
  5. Vman should make a scnet instagram page. A lot of us are on that daily

    if this site sends you a cease and desist show them your tattoo
  6. In fact, he could claim he's the rightful owner. No one else would actually put on a SC.net tattoo if they weren't supposed to inherit the site.
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  7. I thought this site was dead for good. This admin sucks.

    Vman should be the one true owner of sc.net
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  8. Godverdomme third and last attempt

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  9. Made from the fingers of illegal immigrant baby fingers, nice!
  10. i hate this shitty site
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  11. Literally ever person who drives a Honda Pilot or Nissan Cube is a shitty driver.
  12. I am in the beginnings of talking to the owner about writing articles for the site. I'm going to see if Instagram is something he's wanting to pursue.
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  13. Are computer viruses still a thing? does anyone here actually pay to have one on their pc?
  14. I only allow open source, free range viruses on my PC.
  15. Happy Jew year you guys.
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  16. They are still a thing, although ransomware is the latest and greatest trend.
  17. Nice! social media manager as a sidegig!
  18. So Yom Kippur happened, which is a day in which everything is closed (businesses, public transport and so on) and even driving is not allowed (except for emergencies). People go out on the streets with their bicycles, feet and whatnot and it's overall kinda special. I went for a jog last evening and included some (normally) busy streets and highways. I was annoyed to see the occasional car, but figured people were only driving because they really had to. Most of them drove very slowly and with the hazard lights on. Then I heard that a boy was killed today because some idiot decided to drive recklessly in the city :\ .
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  19. It was a good day at the beach though.
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  20. 2 people got murdered in our local cinema. So weird.
  21. Only two? *Laughs in American*
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  22. Chicago: Hold my 40oz malt liquor
  23. It has begun. First snow this morning. :(
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  24. I had to wear gloves this morning for the first time

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