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I leik this thread;

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  1. looks like a cute small town, cool bridge too
  2. It's completely isolated(dunno if thats the right word), no cold can come inside. It's nice for the gas bill.
  3. Yeah, small satelite town. Only 5 mins to trainstation, train stops at my office, so that's nice.
  4. One story about the town:

    In 17th century 22 men were hanged on the townsquare for having gay sex

    The more you know lol
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  5. They were busted having an orgy?
  6. si
  7. Pretty sure I used to have a friend who was born in Groningen. He was one of my best friends in elementary. The entire family was way more blond than the average Israeli. They changed their surname from Gronendyke(?) to something Hebreweli.
  8. Groendijk, Groenendijk? Something like that i asume

    There used to be a Jewish neighbourhood, but they all got murdered by the nazi's.

    Synagogue is still there https://www.google.com/maps/@53.214...4!1svHcSfpG1_XytVAr20uSdBA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  9. Probably that. I haven't been in touch with them in the past 20 years and I was never mature enough to ask them about their roots and story. The parents were proper Dutch with a heavy accent and they drove a VW Beetle. That's pretty much all I remember.
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  10. Just looked them up on Facebook. Some of them returned to their old surname. All of them now look as Israeli as they get.
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  11. Those commies know how to put on a show.
  12. 22 hung men in the town square, vman on his way :eek::cool:
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  13. insulated
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  14. yes plz
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  15. It's quite good that he's still making a living as a photographer/videographer.
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  16. That's surprisingly inexpensive but I guess that's relative to where you live. I bought in the DC suburbs and we were lucky to spend less than $600k. I'm moving back to the bay area and there is no way I can own a home for at least another decade there.
  17. It's all relative. In America the wages are much higher, but you have almost no social benefits. In the Netherlands(and most european countries) the salaries are much lower, but more social benefits. Healthcare is practically free here, schools are free, university is only like 2000 a year or something. So yeah, it depends i guess.

    I earn around 40k a year(44k usd) and that's more than enough for a comfortable living. In America that would probably be considered minimum wage.
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  18. I made a decent living when I used to make that much. It's all about priorities. In the US, people think having the latest phone and TV is a necessity.
    Granted, I live in Texas. That likely wouldn't be the case if I lived in New York.
  19. In Israel the salaries are lower than in Europe or in the US, and the houses are more expensive :/
  20. IKR and he's a damn good one, too.
  21. I'd think you would get some sort of rocket attack hazzard discount.
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  22. its the greedy jews!
  23. Saw the lemans 66 movie. Meh. 3 hours long, should've been 2 hours tops.
  24. I'm officially a grumpy old man now.

    There's an apartment building being build down the street and i was walking past it. Saw some 10 year olds climbing the scaffolding, which looked very dangerous. Told them to come off, but they woulnd't. Called the police, now dad and mom can come pick them up from the police station lol
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