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I leik this thread;

  1. Boobs

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  2. Balls

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  3. Butt

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  1. In the US you would be called racist for doing that.
  2. 4u2jerk2

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  3. lol wtf w00t
  4. he'd be called bbq becky
  5. Two fine specimens
  6. Volcano erupts and immediately authorities begin seeking who is to blame. They fear if they do not name someone responsible somebody will blame them.

    The way I see this is that those who just got of with a boat got what they paid for. Seeing it as close as possible. You go to see a volcano wishing to see it go off.

  7. Of ways to die, being exploded by a volcano is pretty metal
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  8. why are we hearing so much about the uk election in the USA

    whod you vote for james are you happy or mad
  9. I voted to make the UK a colony of the US.
  10. I'm mad.
  11. I'm happy. Lots of companies moving to the Netherlands lih
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  12. We should leave EU as well though
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  13. I'd vote to make you a colony too.
  14. Reichskommissariat Niederlande
  16. We burning up here.

  17. ~37,000 square kilometers gone. That's roughly 1.5 times the size of Israel.
    Is this like that time we blew a hole through the ozone layer and Australia got the worst of it?
  18. Watching the Witcher. Not bad , Henry Cavill makes a better Geralt than I thought.
  19. Being 7 episodes in, the jumping timeline was confusing as **** and stupid.
  20. this sucks
  21. Anybody watched the witcher on netflix?

    It's pretty decent. But wokeness strikes again ugh

  22. No, no one has watched it. Definitely not the person who posted two posts before yours.

    I didn't get any woke feels from it. Geralt is a womanizer still. No forced woman power moments. Perhaps casting was just who they were able to get for a video game series or who was willing to **** the director for the part.
  23. oh god the sheer snowflakery

    were they not 100% accurate to canon
  24. @Veyronman any more interesting stories about that one broad that likes swinging her dick around always talking down on you?

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