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  1. Also, got a nice raise and bonus. Naturally my car said:
    Not sure if bearing is fucked or exhaust. Sounds a lot like rod knock above 2,500 RPM but gets terrible when turning left. Wouldn't make sense for rod knock.
    It's only 2k miles out of warranty. Taking it to dealership Saturday to see who I need to give a reach around to for a goodwill coverage.
  2. That ***** is still insufferable at times. Most recently the fact that she fucking loves Boris Johnson for some reason has been the thing. Gets right on my tits.
  3. Even butch dykes get moist seeing this powerful haircut
  4. ugh how is there a british trump
  5. Too much freedom for you, snowflake soy boy?
  6. Two kets my fiancee's family rescued. Even though found at separate times, the older one (one getting pets) treats the younger one like her baby.
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  7. So I almost saw actual sky today for the first time this year. Smoke cleared for a bit, but it was cloudy. Hopefully some rain coming. Cant breathe down here.

  8. That's crazy. When are you running out of bush to burn?
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  9. Damn, that's in tents. Is your house in any danger?
  10. Could probably go all summer!
  11. The fires are working their way towards Canberra, but I am right in the middle of suburbia. I would be extremely surprised if they get this far in if/when they get here. It would mean 10,000-20,000 homes burning before mine (which I guess is always still possible). Could be fighting off embers come end of the week though, unless we get major rain. They seem to be travelling extreme distances.
    Considering the size of these fires in comparison to the whole of Canberra,plus being surrounded by them (me at the red dot):
  12. You should foster the koalas and roos.
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  13. holy shit

    suburban homes aren't much of a fire break are they? This could get real, its not like they are holding any kind of fire fighting resources back are they?

    I will do a rain dance for Australia
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  14. RIP Australia
  15. What i dont get is, the media are blaming everything totally on climate change, but also report that 186 people have been arrested so far for arson.

    ..... yeah ok. Hotter weather making people crazy?
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  16. Sounds like we need some global warming to melt the south pole so the tide rises enough to put the fires out.
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  17. Meanwhile in the Middle East - heavy rains are flooding coastal cities. On Saturday, we got ~80mm (around 3 inches) of rain in a couple of hours, 50mm of which in just half an hour. Supposed to get twice that amount in the next couple of days. At least 5 have died so far.
  18. damn! Send some down here!
  19. We kinda need it, but I'd share.
    Did it not rain a little in Australia today?
  20. I'm hearing that the extremely dry season is what is making the fires spread so far. Apparently people are always setting fires? clearing land or burning garbage or whatever?

    See Idols post for more climate stuff
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  21. died how?
  22. A couple got stuck in an elevator at their building's underground parking. Water came in and killed the power. It took 2 hours for rescuers to get there and by then, they had drowned.

    Others got swept in floods, usually while attempting to cross it. Some dude drowned while saving a family whose car got stuck in a flood.
  23. That's some horror movie shit.
  24. Its dry right now (driest December on record), but our worst drought was in the late 1800s, followed by early 2000s, and then the early 1980s. Parts of the country actually received well above average rainfall in 2019.

    I'm on board with climate change, but I think its really weird and ridiculous to blame the fires on that.
    Because its 2.5 degrees warmer than 110 years ago, and theres more CO2? They use that in fire extinguishers.

    24 people have been arrested for arson, specifically in relation to the bushfires. Growing population means there are more and more people flicking cigarettes out of car windows along the highway, and things like you mentioned.
    Our Fire fighting services are also severely under-resourced, but hopefully that changes now.
    Most fire trails have not been looked after and they simply havent been able to reach places with trucks before they grew to stupid sizes.
    Thats then caused dry lightning storms and created more fires.
    We also have natives telling us we have been going about fire management all wrong and we need to merge their methods into modernity.

    Yes, we are steadily getting warmer world-wide on average, over a period of time, but Australia has still always had droughts, and heatwaves. Plenty of times in the past we have recorded 45C+ temps for long periods of time.
    2019 was recorded as our hottest year on record, but 1939 and 2013 are close behind. Climate change doesnt mean all of a sudden we are 1.5C above average, so clearly this is a heatwave. 2020 may be much be cooler, just as the years following 2013 were...
    Some of our coldest recorded single days around the country have mostly been in the 2000s also, coldest ever was in 1994, while our hottest was in 1960.
    I feel like some left wing outlets seem to think that if you believe in climate change, you cant admit there has ever been heatwaves and droughts, nor say that we are in one right now. And every single disaster can only be attributed to climate change.
    I've been seeing some stupid shit on FB in the past week or so.
  25. It rained for 5 minutes the other day, and covered everything in dirt. So filthy.

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