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I leik this thread;

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  1. :eek::eek: That would be the worst.
  2. Yeah it's horrible. Probably a slow, cold death.
  3. There's more floodings today, though not in Tel Aviv this time.

    The Sea of Galilee"s water level rose by 23cm in the last 24 hours, and it's still going.
  4. Bungonia




    Durran Durra
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  5. **** that is a bad way to go
  6. yes, they probably are harping on it more than they should, but the public in general doesn't get statistics, or the meaning of a 2.5 degree average increase in temp, so they are motivated to inflate the severity. Yes there are ups and downs but overall it's all heading up.

    The above looks like a trend, 1939, then 13 and 6 years later?. Yes next couple years won't be the hottest ever, but in a few years will we get another record breaking year? I mean imagine if every year in order actually was the hottest year recorded, that would be seriously bad fucking news and by then it would be too late.

    It's a really complicated issue and climate is not simple or easy to understand, and it really doesn't help that the issue has been politicized by big industry money and the politicians they have bought (which then makes people tribal and ideological)
  7. Greta says shut up and drink from your paper straw
  8. :)
  9. RIP Neil Peart :(
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  10. So apparently I pissed off someone with 1337 haxor skills or the government. I got a text from my cell company saying the SIM was changed. About the same time I got a notification on my authy app that a device was added. Then I got an email saying a text (2 factor) was sent and a login to my Yahoo account was successful from another state. I never got the text but confirmed that my account was logged into from another state. I also saw on my cell phone account that I received two texts from out of state that I never actually received to my phone.
    I'm in the process of changing all my passwords and 2 factor logins. Such a pain in the ass.
  11. ouch thats a nightmare

    any idea where they got a hold of your info initially?
  12. **** if I know. But its definitely a direct attack. They did it again, but figured out what they were doing.
    Cloned my phone number and updated sim card to theirs. Logged into my Yahoo and coinbase with my PW they somehow have. They got text to verify login on their cell, I didn't since my sim wasn't the active one. After logging in, they changed sim back to mine so I wouldn't notice. What's real scary is I had just changed my Yahoo PW a few days prior to one I've never used and it's a fake word with random letters. I confirmed the theory because at time of my accounts being logged into, my cell phone account shows my number receiving texts that never went to my phone. I also had cell phone tech support confirm the switch. He saw it get switched, then switched back. The first person didn't catch it because my sim number matched what was in their system (which is why the hacker switched it back).
    I had them ban the other SIM card and getting a new one since the hacker knows my number.
    It's crazy the effort that they put into hacking me. I don't know anyone with the set of skills to do what is being done and I don't have enough bitcoin to make it worth that time.
  13. Are you somehow associated with something we should be worried about?
  14. I mean, I shit post some on forums. Lol maybe its Iran with all the shit talking I did about them XD Or Bill Clinton because I keep saying he's a pedophile. Or maybe @HippoCrushEverything was bored and haxed me.
    I went to the cell phone store and they said they've had a lot of people come in saying they were hacked in the last two months. I'm betting it's an inside job.
  15. Sounds Russian, but still weird that someone would target random individuals like that.
  16. It rained here finally, for a good hour. Lots of hail too actually. I'm hoping it hit the fires
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  17. like someone at the phone company is doing the hacking? Seems like theyre specifically after your bitcoin, how would they know about that
  18. Someone at the store maybe since it was reported by several people to the same store in the same timeframe I bought my phone. Person selling phone sees our email address on file. Maybe buys a UN/PW list off darkweb and cross reference. The only throwing me off is how they knew my new password so quickly. I don't download janky random apps. Just the usual big name apps. Also, I only have like $30 in my coinbase since I use a different platform to trade. The real money is in my other trading account. So far no further issues since I swapped sims and banned the other one.
    Lol but if I don't post in a few weeks, I got assassinated by Iran/Clinton.
  19. was it a password you shared with other sites?

    or did you say they knew the new password?

    Maybe they installed some software on your phone? Shit that is scary, the kind of stuff that, if not caught quickly, can ruin you for a couple of years
  20. The first password was about a year or two old. But the second time, it was only a few days old. So likely something was installed. I did a virus scan with BitDefender, but nothing was found. Although I read scanners on cell phones kind of suck. Still trying to figure out how I can be sure it's safe.
  21. I've been binge watching Better than Us like crazy. Very good show
  22. Looks nice. Gonna try that.

    We're currently watching The outsider and Servant. Both are pretty cool.
  23. AppleTV? 'Scust
  24. Eztv.io
  25. Nah, fam, already got enough problems with hackers. Lol

    So far my accounts seem safe. Although today I got a text from a junk number saying someone posted on my Facebook wall and used their username and it had an obviously malicious link. So maybe someone is really after me. Kind of strange because I know no one with those kinds of skills.

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