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  1. Working in IT has its perks. Just installed some extra Ram and an SSD in my old pc.

    Was gonna be thrown away so i put it to good use.
  2. Binge watching Ares on Netflix now. It's a pretty strange show. Not bad for a Holland people movie.
  3. Ares is terrible. Just like any other Dutch series/movies.
  4. Wat u kankerhoer

    I adore New Kids
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  5. New kids is an exception yes
  6. RIP Kobe. He wasn't always the best person, but he always was one of the best at basketball, up until his very last game.
  7. Yeah that one surprised me. saw someone post a B&W memorial style FB post and immediately had to google it

    sho 'nuff. he ded.

    Basically, if you're a famous person just stay out of helicopters.
  8. Meh, he's a rapist. Don't care.
  9. IF you are a rich famous guy

    AND you are going to die prematurely

    it seems like it almost always a small airplane helicopter accident, right?

    Do the stats bear this out?
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  10. The charged were dropped after his accuser refused to testify, so it's still 50/50.
  11. Travis Barker is one I can think of where he managed to survive somehow. All the other occupants of the aircraft died. 70% burns to his body and shit so he had a really lucky escape.
  12. Or "suicide"
  13. Not sure if hes a rapist, I thought it was essentially a cheating scandal?
  14. Fucking Wuhan virus now in Australia. Nature is really fucking them dry.
    RIP @Aych Es Vee
  15. He's in Canberra, nothing goes there.
  16. A colleague of mine bought something from China recently. Found out yesterday that it's being shipped from Wuhan
  17. He was accused of rape. Accuser refused to testify. Case thrown out.
  18. so its pretty close now....


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  19. Damn, that's so surreal looking. Do you have an evacuation plan?
  20. Fucking hell mate. It looks like the apocalypse
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  23. I thought the forest fires were done.

    I guess it's not interesting for news outlets anymore, because of the kung flu virus.
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  24. That's exactly what I was thinking to myself the entire time that job was ongoing.

    He was *so* concerned for his wife and kids' welfare that he left them in the car on a 70mph road instead of getting everyone out of the car and calling 999.
  25. Hey, we can make a scene on M1 and get on TV again, albeit in a different role!
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