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  1. Came back from hospital with my wife after some tests. 1,5 years ago one of her tubes was removed, after that we tried to get preggo again, but didn't work. Did another test and turns out her other tube is completely blocked. So yeah can't have babies. We're gonna try IVF, but succes rate is really low. Think we're gonna get a doggo.
  2. I'll arrange for my car to break down in the exact spot Jamie broke down, and we can re-enact his run across the road to get to the emergency phone, if you like?
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  3. That sucks man, sorry to hear that.

    Would you adopt a hooman, or just a doggo?
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  4. Damn, that sucks. Get doggo and ket and maybe human.
    My woman just had to get a 10 pound cyst removed from one of her tubes. And a small one on her ovary. They sliced all the way across her belly. Its crazy because she was doing Krav Maga and yoga no problem. She found out by luck. Shes in Physicians Assistant school. They were practicing ultra sound on her and saw it.
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  5. And **** this guy, what a piece of shit:
  6. I also watched the Joker. They could have cut out about an hour of scenes and it would have been better. Still, he was a much better Joker than Leto.
  7. Hmm doubt it. I heard from a gay friend that it takes like 5 years before you get through the process. Then we're already old. I think IVF fails, we're just gonna get a doggo.
  8. Yeah I've heard the process is very drawn-out.

    Best of luck with the IVF, but doggos are really awesome too!
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  9. Thanks, oh absolutely!
  10. That blows :(

    I can sell you mine for 130 billion euros.
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  11. Can you foster a kid, then adopt?
  12. Could ben an option maybe. For now we're just gonna focus on the IVF and hope it works.
  13. 10lbs? Jesus you'd think that would be noticeable
  14. Lol she would get uncomfortably full easily.
    It's cool that the doctor gave her pictures of the surgery (family friend). She took them to school and now the professor uses them in class.
    And I'm sick of hearing about Kobe. The guy played basketball. He wasn't some saint. Eight other people died yet they aren't mourning them.
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  15. Shits about to hit fan here...

    FB_IMG_1580437766084.jpg Screenshot_20200131-133844_Facebook.jpg
  16. Damn, that sucks. How far away is it from you?
  17. Currently about 16km from my house. That fire spread map shows it coming up to within 3.5km by sunday. I have an investement property down that way which will likely go up in flames. Heaps of friends down there too, all preparing for the worst at the moment.
    Right now, no rain predicted, and over 40C all weekend, ugh
  18. Best of luck with everything. I hope rain arrives soon.
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  19. jeez man be prepared and be careful
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  20. Thoughts and Prayers

    Srsly though I really hope you escape as unscathed as possible. We'll all be thinking of you.(L)
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  21. Thanks guys. We have a little box of escape needs, but shouldnt have to take it. The wind has pushed it in a slightly different direction overnight, but still likely to hit the outer suburbs
    This is basically what I could see from my house last night! Incredible viewing. Slightly freaky.
    Tried to take a photo with my phone, but couldnt see anything, so I stole someone else pic.
    They said theres no point fighting it, so they are busy trying to create stop zones before it hits suburbs, but apparently embers have been travelling up to 5km away.

    They say this fire was started by an army helicopters spotlight. Just so hot and dry, that the bush underneath them burst into flames, and they had to leave in an instant.

  22. That must have been painful to hear man. :(
    Its not always the top of everyones list, but check out fostering too. Its definitely not for anyone, but one of our kids is actually a foster child that we are hoping to adopt. If you have any questions about that, hit me up.
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  23. "They say this fire was started by an army helicopters spotlight. Just so hot and dry, that the bush underneath them burst into flames, and they had to leave in an instant."

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  24. That's some next level shit. It's times like this that I'm actually glad that I live on this little damp island.

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