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I leik this thread;

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  1. Holy shit. Make sure you get yourself out of there before it gets close. It's not worth it.
    I assume you have insurance? And I don't assume soaking the property with water beforehand would do any good?
  2. Binge watching The Stranger on Netflix. Already on episode 7. Had to turn the subtitles on because I can't understand some of the British :D:D:D
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  3. Watching it as well. It's decent. We're at episode 4 now.
  4. Looks like Canberra got rained on, just in time.
  5. had maybe 2 minutes of light rain, it didnt do anything :(

    Thankfully though, there are very low temperatures and a bit of rain predicted for next week though. (daily highs of low 20Cs in feb is insanely cold for us)
  6. crazy to see "extreme weather" as super hot and dry and not like crazy rain/wind/snow
  7. So, something went wrong with a fire fighting plane here, and they had to dump the fire retardant out over the city. This image is now doing the rounds, haha

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  8. I wish our Monday could be transferred to Australia.

    It has been a really warm winter, I do not remember it ever being like this. Its February and the soil is not frozen. This represents southern Finland, north has had its basic -30C -40C months with abundance of snow cover.

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  9. Very good mix, and funny
  10. Apparently a hurricane is arriving here tomorrow. Will be awesome.
  11. Where are you living at now?
    Don't worry, it will likely divert to Australia.
  12. Netherlands
  13. Don't worry, it will likely divert to Australia.
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  14. One of the fires that has been burning for 72 days is finally out.
    22 of the 60 fires still going have been put out by rain in the last 24hours.

  15. So, what's the damage tally so far?
  16. does netherlands get hurricanes typically?
  17. Yeah, but only cat 1. Sea is not warm enough.
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  18. We call that a nice breeze in Houston.
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  19. Yeah, I feel like if you live in Australia, you're in a real life Thunderdome
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  20. Apparently a Dutch football coach got fired in America for saying the N-word lol
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  21. He was probably singing a rap song he heard or heard blacks call each other that in a friendly manner and thought that it was okay.
  22. That is what happened. They were in the locker room and singing rap songs, he decided to sing along. Most players were fine with it, one complained.
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  23. ooof
    we got to get to the point where intent matters more than words, especially a guy who doesn't know any better

    A problem with things like this is that employers fear the backlash before it even hits

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