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I leik this thread;

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  1. how did he get out of the snakes grasp? The jackal distraction?
  2. You don't **** with honey badgers
  3. So, this just happened Screenshot_20200219-130217_Gallery.jpg
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  4. That's great! You can pay for my car repairs!
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  5. what am I looking at how much money did you win
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  6. Everyone stop liking Seabee's posts. He's two likes away from overtaking my ass!
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  7. $1,000
  8. I'm cumming for that smooth smooth ass ;)
  9. Anyone stocking up because of Corona?

    I'm not worried about the virus, but i'm a bit worried of idiots emptying out supermarkets.
  10. no
    seems like it is trending the wrong way, but I'm not sure how dangerous it is to people who aren't already on deaths door?
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  11. Doesn't seem to be too harmful for healthy people, only if you're old and already have other diseases it might be dangerous. Allthough doctors in Wuhan died, who where healthy 40 year olds. That's a bit strange.
  12. Seasonal flu kills hundreds of thousands of people globally every year.

    I get that this is some new shit and it's spreading quite quickly, but I can't help but feel like it's another one of those things that is being blown out of proportion by the media (like everything)
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  13. those were assassinations
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  14. No. But I welcome the coming zombie apocalypse.
  15. Yeah and the only reason it even has such a high death mortality rate is because China doesn't give two shits about having civilians surviving.
  16. Mortality rate and infection rate are way higher though. It's more comparible to the spanish flu, which killed 100 million people in an era where flying all across the world didn't exist.

    Might be good for population control, we are on this planet with way too many people in the first place.
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  17. Mortality rate of the flu is around 0.14%, while Corona is at 1.7% right now.

    Meanwhile Israel is going World War Z and already telling people to just not fly anywhere.
  18. Haven't you heard? It's just being talked up to bring down Trump's booming economy!
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  19. It did cost me $100 in an hour of trading yesterday. Decided to put some money in a bear ETF though.
    That being said, it's funny to see all of these overreacting celebs posting pictures of themselves wearing useless facemasks.
  20. etf4me
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  21. I remembered my password today. What’s going on?
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  22. I remembered my password today. What’s going on?
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  23. One more mention of ETF and he'll start posting again.

    OH SHI-
  24. 1st post I make in years and it doubles up. It’s like it never changed
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  25. Hello! Welcome back. I like that your avatar here is the same as your FB profile pic.

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