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  1. The entire domain is haunted.
  2. I think I changed it to this when I finished the car a decade ago
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  3. Man, time fUcking flies. December 2021 will mark 20 years here for me.
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  4. Shit we got old I can’t remember when I made this account.
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  6. At home sick with the kung flu virus. :p
    Going to binge watch Altered Carbon season 2. Mackie has some big shoes to fill, taking over for Joel Kinnaman.
  7. Still sick. Feels bad, man. I had to conference call into a bunch of meetings. I tried taking naps between. Every time I eventually fell asleep, my alarm for the next meeting would go off. FML
  8. This Corona shit is creating some mass hysteria with tens of thousands expected to isolate themselves here. Israel is going World War Z on this, trying to be extra careful before all hell breaks loose, even though it's going to happen eventually.
  9. Yeah, the one time I cant enjoy the lack of crowds, I get sick.
  10. My Parents have just got back from Rome. I'm not sure if they're subjecting themselves to a quarantine just in case, but they did remark on how few tourists there were. They had a whale of a time by all accounts, and got a lot of sightseeing done as there weren't many queues. They didn't even have to queue to get into the Vatican!
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  11. I think Rome should be fine. If you got northern Italy you are fucked.

    So far we have 38 official patients and most of them went to northern italy.
  12. My wife is scheduled to go on a ~10 day trip through Eurotrashland later this month with some school group that her sister supervises. I think they're supposed to go Paris > Munich > Vienna, anyone know what it's looking like in those areas? I'm still expecting the travel agency to cancel / postpone the trip.
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  13. Just have them bag a few Clorox wipes. Wipe the chair arms down and anything handed to them.
  14. 82 now. We are fucked
  15. 20200305_170522.jpg here's some ducks i saw at the park today
  16. Probably. Coronavirus is in Maryland now. Can't wait till I get pnomonia.
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  17. Binge watching Imposters on Netflix. Pretty funny and good plot
  18. So sick of the non-stop Covid talk. It's not that fucking serious unless you're in a 3rd world shit hole.
  19. 0,1 dies of a normal flu, 3% dies from covid-19....yeah not that serious.

    Also, look at Italy. Those numbers are well above 3% even.

    Not to mention the economic consequences.
  20. And SARS was 7%. But when that 3% is a few hundred people, it's not that bad.
    The only reason that the death toll in the US is where it's at now is because it spread in a home for the elderly. Of course the mortality rate will be higher there.
    24/7 mania is unneccessary.
  21. it spreads more easily than sars and kills more than the flu

    are you going to die? probably not, but you can spread it, and to people you know and care about.

    It's bad, i'm not terrified of it. Have a short domestic flight coming up I'm only slightly concerned about. I'll just try to keep clean and do the handwashing thing I guess
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  22. China has been surprisingly efficient at containing the epidemic. I hope Italy isn't too late with its ... own restrictions... I love Italy but I'm not sure that the stereotypical hand-waving, loud and disorganised mentality is the best one when dealing with epidemics.
  23. The problem is that after a certain point quarantines become ineffective, and after that the death toll can be limited by vaccines, which don't exist yet. The lower estimates of mortality are around 1%, which would be ~75-80 million, or the total amount of WW2 fatalities put together. 3% is already ~230 million (WW3 in the 70's with heavy use of nuclear weapons).
  24. Prime example when they mentioned they would contain the whole north and people took trains to the south to escape. The south were the healthcare system is piss poor. This will create much more drama i'm sure.

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