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I leik this thread;

  1. Boobs

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  2. Balls

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  3. Butt

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  1. F
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  2. This is V3.

    The real OG stuff was deleted a couple of times. I remember on at least two occasions when they cleared the forum servers out entirely and all the threads and posts disappeared.
  3. I wish we could have custom colours here. Classic blue would rule.

    Either that or a dark mode.
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  4. Your cell doesn't have a dark mode option?
  5. I'm using a PC. Is there a dark mode option for the chrome mobile app?
  6. It has a dark mode theme, but my phone has a dark mode setting that automatically applies it to all of my apps.
  7. I just switch the sc.net page style from Xenith to default to see what that looks like. Good fucking god, it looks awful.
  8. Holy **** I just went back in time 17 years.
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  9. Found these in a FB group that I'd completely forgotten about. Compressed FB quality, but that doesn't matter (mostly)
    1421184_10155018185805096_5300522659292773373_o.jpg 1512832_10203975961413760_1848113887373325598_n.jpg 10339949_10203991391199495_3715223562121365107_n.jpg 10496988_10203979334978097_2940340331402072431_o.jpg 10653740_10203975838290682_8770068293773466754_n.jpg
  10. moar. Does anyone have p996t's house in the original resolution?

    10885108_10203979392019523_4554325900584103075_n.jpg 10885484_10203979312577537_3563034239538448809_n.jpg 10887240_10155018193520096_5734287509092319008_o.jpg
  11. I am now remembering the video PandaBeat made of him laughing at mclaren777's weird videos

    "Dis is de most hillarrioss sheit!"
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  12. "shut the **** up biscuits"
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  14. That house would have a shahansha in loving memory room now
  15. Hahah! Fucking hell, that's great.
  16. This forum was my favourite website for a long time.
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  17. haha excluded from the wayback machine

    clear slider is still a good meme, guy works for Tesla now
  18. I remember very well that collage from Iampingpong
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  19. Every time I scroll past the plan view of Luke's bed it makes me laugh. So fucking hilarious.
  20. Some more randomness

    2264539d.jpg 2182654d.jpg 3366670d.jpg 2153610d.jpg 3366636d.jpg

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