Damn americans

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  2. He showed how much money the cars cost and the approximate Ring times. i loeld at thatyt
  3. So the transaxle will break twice as good as the premium GTR and won't come to America because of our silly warranty laws and court systems?
  4. ok so here are the two lines that actually explain what this thread is about within the 2 miles of scrolling that the OP links to:

    "essentially, the quality of service and support in the US for the SpecV simply isn't there. When it comes to machines like that, the US isn't up to par with the rest of the world. In Japanese, I told him that I understood, and wanted him to continue. He did -to a point, but stopped."

    so basically, we conclude that the USA isnt used to cars breaking like the GT-R, so therefore they arent prepared to service such an expensive brick for discouraged fast driving.

    interesting and thanks for sharing.
  5. what an amazing car
  6. OH NO! we wont get a version of a car that looks exactly like the car thats already not exciting at all to see on the road...
  7. I dont know why you're worried, its not like you have any money anyways
  8. i still want the base one
  9. America is not ready? more like America doesnt want a piece of shit nissan that breaks down more than it runs.

    zr1 > vspec
  10. "In all cases, the Japanese think "less" of us and really believe we do not deserve their best technology." - post#11
  11. meanwhile the zr1 continues to shit on everything in sight, including this piece of garbage.
  12. I do. and I can name 10 people in my immediate family who can buy one. But they drive cars like the S600, clk63 black series, s63, c63, 997 turbo, bmw m5,m6, modded c6 z06 etc.

    And none of us wants to be found dead in a gtr let alone drive one.
  14. It would jsut be pearl harbour all over again anyways
  15. "You read that correctly: In Japan, a SpecV costs less than a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. "
  16. This made me lol

    The point was taken. The SpecV will be sent to Europe, the Middle East (in left hand drive no less), maybe even Australia, but not the US. I�ll say what Mizuno-san couldn�t: He wouldn't be turning it over to the same people that can barely handle the base GT-R. He wouldn't be sending it to a place where a secondary market was waiting for it. He wouldn�t be turning it over to a company that would let it sit at the ports for month while the premium Ultimate Opal Black paint got eaten away, while customers were left in the dark. He wouldn't be leaving it in the hands of service staff that might scratch $30,000 rotors - requiring replacement - and blame it on the customer. And he definitely wouldn't be reading any lies regarding his transmission from communities with few intelligent owners and many internet mechanics.
  17. kinda stupid considering that the stock gtr it's pratically the same or did i miss something?
  18. ajzahn lol

    "Some didn't bother to break it in. Others drag raced it off the lots until it broke. Then, when the warranty claims were denied, lied about how they treated the cars, creating an army of misinformed enthusiasts on the internet and nearly overnight changing the enthusiast community's view on Nissan and the GT-R. Meanwhile Nissan, bound by privacy obligations, couldn't tell the other side of the stories from the black boxes."
  20. u just arent ready for it
  21. Yea because japan has huge import taxes on cars, so the comparison is stupid.

  23. I would imagine the exchange rate not to mention the cost of getting something liek that there in the first place

    I tried to see what the import tax was but its so hard to find anything

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