Damn americans

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  1. When it comes to component design, you have to factor in the stresses that they're under.

    For example, if you have a 7.0 liter V8, it produces a lot of torque which can easily tear up a transmission. So more durable components are needed, more materials are used but at least it lasts. On the other hand, when you don't have these restraints, you can make parts lighter by using less material, but you lose durability. Point is there's a fine balance between performance and durability.

    Corvettes engineers did get it right by over-engineering certain components, but driving a like you're a 16 year old with downs syndrome by bouncing off the rev limiter doesn't demonstrate much intelligence.
  2. Mindlessoath can you STFU. Im starting to dislike the car little by little because you are giving it the ragingballs effect ala the ksegg. Its a great car and very fast on the track rivaling many supercars by pushing new techology but it has its faults too. It requires quite a bit of servicing and reliability is more on the questionable side when the car is pushed. I would not recommend this car to someone who has been saving up for a sports car for several years in that range. The z06 is the better option as it is more hassel free.
  3. Give me a break, you and everyone on this forum knows that if they were given the chance to drive a GTR for a day they wouldn't turn it down. Given the choice to buy one is a different story tho.
  4. you just HAVE to hate on American cars dont you?
  5. no.
  6. ya you would you lying sack of feces
  7. werent you the darky in the movie traitor?
  8. I wish. I'd be loaded and have like 5 GT-Rs in the garage. And a 911 Turbo so I can destroy it with a hammer.
  9. a 1% failure rate in the automotive world is REALLY REALLY bad, especially for a car this new and a component that expensive/major.

    toyota, for instance targets a 1/million failure rate. 1% would be not only recall worthy but an abysmal failure.
  10. I love my buddy's z06. Things a total blast, outside of its shitty seats. Just sayin that the car isnt totally bulletproof.
  11. So Nissan dosen't like that Americans actually expect the cars they buy to perform as they are advertised, so they are going to stop selling to the US. Much easier then actually fixing the problem.
  12. [Captain Obvious] GT-R =/= Corolla [/Captain Obvious]
  13. Breaks down more than it runs..like all American cars made before 1990?
  15. Hilarious.

    And yes, amerika doesn't DESERVE the SpecV.
  16. Why use a hammer when you can use a GT-R?
  17. america dosent NEED the gtr they have their own supercars
  18. amerika is SCARED of the GT-R
  19. no
  20. HAHAHA! what a tacky POS.
  21. thats #$%#ing lame, if nissan would fix the problem they would make more proffits
  22. dont worry, its not like any jap can keep up with it anyway.
  23. America/ns are shit.
  24. That about sums it up
  25. isn't there only ~1500 gtr's in the us at the moment? lol.

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