Damn americans

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  1. well you dont really know anything about cars then do you
  2. well im glad you feel that way you american cockroach
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  7. You gotta admit that a GTR can be a little rough on some kentucky backroad with no tarmac.
  8. americans arent dumb
  9. look at these american cars
  10. ERGANT????

    L - O - L
  11. ^ baited
  12. Seriously hes an Epic moron. King of the Indies.
  13. if i had a choice to buy 5 cars, i would buy:
    a 2002 C5 corvette lingenfelter 427 tt, corvette ZR1, dodge hennessy viper venom 1000 tt, dodge viper SRT10 and a maserati MC12
    stfu if you have any problems
  14. jdkleidon is an awesome troll
  15. i might buy an mc12 but not lingenfelter or hennessy. they are strait line only. and hennessy is the worst brand anywhere! he rips people off and gets banned from viper club forums and talks trash and did i mention rips off customers. rips off compainies parts that he uses claims them his own, and much more. he makes unbelivable claims for marketing and fame, makes one demo car that might pull it off and even then, it will likly break when doing testing.

    These cars have very little in the way of any track or comfort appeal. they are 1 mile dreams and thats it, a strait line, further than a quarter mile. thats so cool right! lmao. its a one trick pony.
  16. Now post a photo of the interior.
  17. we've been through this before get it through your head that the 427 tt lingenfelter and the hennessy viper ARE NOT straight line cars only, so yeah they are extrealy fast in a drag, faster than the EDO FXX and CCXR and Zonda R doesnt mean that they cant handle
  18. Your right just because they are fast in a straigt line doesn't mean that they can't handle, but the fact that they are worthless pieces of bad tuning sh!t does.
  19. are you saying that Lingenfelter and Hennessy are bad tuners? LPE and Hennessy are #$%#ing legends asshole, and if you still think other wise you are liturly saying edo is utter shit, and you better not be some Euro fanboy who thinks that his ferraris and lambos are untouchable.
  20. The indies are invading.
  21. Eh, Lingenfelter is alright...but Hennessy is notoriously bad. Personally, I think most professional tuning companies are overrated, that means Hennessy, Lingenfelter, Edo, ect. Generally they are for people with too much money that just want to show off and know nothing about working on cars. I think that if you are going to make a car faster you should be a part of that process, and if it's your first time, learn how to do it. And when it comes to European cars I will say I have a preferance for zee Germans but I'm open to other options like my S2000.
  23. I would really hate to own a second hand GTR
  24. I would love to own a 2nd hand r35. Upgrade first gear costs only 2k from the land of OZ 2k usd. Install won't cost that much either... But finding someone to work on a dsg may take going to another state.

    Regardless the car will be much cheaper especially if the trans already is bad. However you still bought a car from someone who abused it and didn't do proper maintanince which sucks. A few bad apples giving the car bad name sucks for sure.
  25. lol, legends of what? marketing high horse power without any regards for anything else? hennessy is now the worst nightmare of customers and no one wants to buy his stuff, but his demo cars keep making people get ripped off in the long term. his marketing gets him in trouble...

    Look at it this way. The R35 GT-R cant handle 700hp, in fact you need new turbos to achive more than 650hp. even then the transmission can only handle approx 650ft lbs torque or so. the stock turbos can only achive about 1.45bar boost which doesnt translate into the marketing they posted about. not to mention the material they used for advertising was ripped strait from HKS website with the HKS watermark still on the image but they photoshoped the HKS logos' out. the trans cant handle the power they are marketing and they are lieing about the power they can make based on the facts of the system.

    they do this for sales and then rip off the customer. If they make a demo car based on those specs its a buncha bull, cause the dyno they are using is giving wrong numbers to make up for their crap.

    But then again all that power isnt going to be put to the ground cause they dont care about suspension or tires and weight etc. its a strait line crap machine that will break. and any customer that chooses to purchase will be ripped off and have a broken car.

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