Damn americans

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  1. Or you could just buy a vette and punish it all day long....

    As for the GT-PS3, I think you need to sit down next to some candlelight and beat off to it already
  2. ya rite u lie
  3. you get your panties in a twist over bracking, but then you go and put squedual in your post. WTF is squedual?
  4. me racist, i say that to my friends all the time, both black and white
  5. Change the oil (I assume they also want the transmission and differential fluids changed as well) EVERYTIME you drive the car hard?

    Thats not a high end sports car, thats a 87 year old woman with a spastic colon.
  6. This does seem a bit steep to say you need to change all the lubricants after say a single track event, or any "hard driving" that would constitute the service. Seeing that a transfluid change is about $1000+, but it's recommended @ 1700 miles if you track the car. So most likely you don't need to do the service if you track once or twice. My biggest issue with the GT-R has probably got to be the maintainance intervals/costs. Considering that the sticker price is 70k-ish the maintainance is pretty steep, assuming you don't do it yourself or by another shop (voiding warranty???). This might be blown out of proportion, but I have heard that a brake job runs about 5k at a dealership. I'm hoping that this includes the rotors, pads, labor, tax, ect. because that seems insanely high.
  7. nissan usa messed up the whole situation with the whole thing. instead of marketing good service and charges they ran up the cost of msrp to get max bang for the buck right away. then they skimped on quality and maintaince... and even in some cases charged way to much for it.

    for 80k with the performance of faster cars, changing out oils and doing maintaince more often is pritty good compermise.

    (and no one cares about spelling, lol, just point it out to lol).

    hopefully NNA (nissan north america) doesnt f it up in the future. thats the main reason why we wont get the spec-v. they just dont have there game face on, they messed so much up.

    other than that maintaince doesnt cost to much. and you can use other parts if you want. you may have to swap some back to OEM when going in for regular service checks that are required for warranty, like the 1000mile POS etc.
  8. Where Nissan screwed up is making the car complicated enough that technicians need to be flown from Japan to work on the GTR.

    "don't have their game face on, they messed up so much".....lol that's awesome display of fanboyism.
  9. haha

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