damn... they suck

Discussion in '1998 Hyundai Euro 1 Concept' started by romit, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. who would ever buy this shit if it EVER came out?

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    well, obviously, its not going to be put in production.. EVER!

    why? it was a concept from 1998.. if u think u've seen the last, u
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    Hyundai's aren't about performance. They're about affordability, economy and reliability. Granted they aren't a super car company, but remember these are just concept cars, not production models (even so 280+ kw in standard form for a 4cyl is ver imperessive).

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    Then you should have realised how ignorant you are truly being.

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    carguy 1286 stereotypes Korean cars...
    He thinks 'Because Hyundai is from a small country, it sucks'.
    Well... How about this?
    'BECAUSE U, carguy 1286 says Hyundai sucks, he sucks too! He must be a freaking mother fu*ker who f**ks his mother everyday for fun'
    are you happy to hear these swearing words?
    i don't think so!
    And carguy 1286, u know what?
    U said u already drive cars, that means you're an adult!
    Don't u think ur id is toooooooooooooo CHILDISH for an
    adult who drives cars?
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    man this car has serious camber issues in the front
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    Affordability, economy, reliabilty. I think that you forgot to mention that they are hunks of Sh*t. Seriously the only reason to buy a Hyundai is if you could afford nothing else. Hyundai's are a disgrace to all of Asia. They are dodgy, crap quality, and they are pathetic cars.

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