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    This is a real heart breaker. The guys and gals over at the Camaro5 forums are about as dedicated a group as you'll ever run into, and a number of the members have already picked up their hotly anticipated 2010 Chevrolet Camaros. One forum member received a rude awakening as his pride and joy 1LT Camaro was relieved of its 18-inch wheels and tires during the night. The criminals had the audacity to use the Camaro's jack, along with the jack of a Land Rover that was also relieved of its rollers, to commit this heinous crime.

    Forum member Number 3 thinks he may have accidentally left the car unlocked, which is obviously a bad idea. For now, the Camaro is resting on three car jacks, and the hope is that the oil pan and exhaust were undamaged during the incident. Bummer. You can bet Number 3 will be scouring the Internet for anyone trying to hock a set of 18s on eBay Motors or Craigslist.

  2. It was Obama..he's taking the wheels off of GM..literally.
  3. Hopefully someone will shoot them dead in the process of trying to do that again. Car thieves should be executed, period.
  6. totally agree.
  7. Damn. Dude didn't even have time to go buy wheel locks.
  8. I guess they didn't have time to put it on blocks.
  9. He should have ordered wheel locks from the factory.
  10. he should have bought wheels from the factory. what a moron!
  11. Gives the owner time to grow a mullet, though.
  12. i dunno does anyone else think that camaro looks natural like that? if only the piant was a bit more faded adn there was grass underneath instead of cement
  13. i see a fmiliar sigt in my mind
  14. You live in an obviously upper middle class neighborhood, can afford a brand new Camaro, albeit not an SS, yet you can afford a garage to put it in for the night or even remember to lock your brand new car?
  15. While that does kind of suck, the guy shouldn't get too much sympathy if he left the car unlocked.
  16. Maybe if thieves were executed we wouldn't have to worry so much about locking things. I think if more people died for taking things not theirs there wouldn't be such a problem.
  17. Also needs the rusty chainfall supporting the engine.
  18. those are pretty small brakes.
  19. it's not a 944...
  21. That's the kind of karma you get for purchasing a camaro.
  22. Rule #1, buy 2 sets of locking wheel nuts if you have to.


    Rule #2, lock your #$%#ing doors!
  23. This man makes sense for once.
  24. What's the point in having door locks if you don't #$%#ing use them? If you're stupid enough to leave your car unlocked, you deserve what's coming to you.

    No sympathy here.

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