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  1. Well long time no see.. of my model that is. Its funny how I work... I work on a car then I put it away , and work on something else or just stop working all together. A bit of both happened. I had school to deal with but I also like to model other cars. In the last time since Ive posted this Ive modeled a mclaren f1 (twice), Nazca C2, Lamborghini Diablo (COuntless times) and a XJR-15 among other things. So that hopefully that explains why its almost a year later that I update you on this car. Its still not done but its to that point now. Anyhow here are the screenshots. ( no renders since 3dmax was being a #%!@ when I tried to mirror the body.

    I also modeled the rare (I believe) Speedline 6 spokes ( in black my favorite on the car). However they are not in these pictures.

    AJ : I had a question, I tried and I tried to figure out how the diffuser is on the Dauer 962... I finally just bit the bullet and modeled a conventional 962 diffuser. I couldnt find any pictures that showed how it really was.

  2. you�re right with that conventional diffussor
  3. Ugly, over-priced, BUT 251.4 MPH? That is the best top speed until NOW!!!
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  5. Listen dumbass find a topic about the real car and post your comment in it.
  6. yeah stop being a dumb #$%#!
  7. Hello AGAIN, I actualy still have this model, but its come along way from what you see above, I thought Id show you what it is now. its finished. I finished it months ago. I even got it into a game ( WR2) Anyhow hope you enjoy these new renders. (btw I'm still a newb at renders)
  8. Looks very good.
    The rear looks even better then the original one (or is it just me).

    Very impressive work.
  9. Oh what a shame my original renders are gone.
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    Yes, you would be correct if wasn't for the SSC Ultimate Aero TT with its 257.44mph (Top Speed) and 256.71mph (average top speed).

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