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Discussion in '1994 Dauer 962 Le Mans' started by ajzahn, Apr 29, 2008.

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  2. Hi Alex.
    I'm Tom & I'm new around here.
    Just read the link above "1998 Dauer EB 110 Supersport" Its fantastic ,oozing with enthusiasm, a great credit to Ian & yourself for putting it together. You are oviosly on the ground floor making a worthwhile contribution. I must admit your name crops up on most EB110 forums.

    I personally am about to enter into a Locost build project to replicate what Bugatti & Dauer have produced. There is no way that I could ever hope to own an original, but I do have the finger tip skills to come close. By trade I am a plastic mould tool maker with a passion for special cars, until recently my next project was going to be a Cobra, rolling the aluminium body single handed, over the past 3 years I had collected 5 series BMW donor parts, but felt let down by an offshore kit builder.

    Only one way not to be let down. DIY. On stumbling cross some 92 photos the 110 popped up. B______y hell that’s an easier tub to build. So here I am today, not 1 dimension full of enthusiasm with this idea “I’m going to replicate a Bugatti EB110, Don’t know which 1, but I’m looking for some one to grant me permission to scan their body shell with the aim to produce a wire frame model.

    My intention is not to copy the mechanics, but to produce a work of art that will look similar to the original. Don’t know a thing about copy write issues or about turning an engine/gearbox lump around, but as time goes by I will learn what is possible and what will have to be forgotten.

    The screen will have to be right that’s for sure, is it from something else or will that cost top dollar.

    I’m going to blame you Alex & one day I may know 25% of what you know about EB110.

  3. NEver liked the look of this car but damn fine performance

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