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  1. =)

    August 23rd

    4.20 Goddamn, it's early!

    4.40 That shower was refreshing though! =)

    5.30 Hilversum Central Station, bye city

    5.50 In train to airport... time to make the list of things I've forgotten to take with me so far... deodorant, razors, powerconverter, good mood, ticket... kidding! Got the ticket =P

    6.40 Hellooooo airport!

    7.00 Checked in, gate's not open yet... poop!

    7.15 OMG an Irish pub, BRB

    8.00 Still in the Irish pub, reading a Clarkson book, having a Murphys. I still think it's bloody early. Jeremy is funny. I hope I won't forget I'm flying today. Atmosphere is good here and it's full of Brits and Irish =)

    8.05 Liverpool has qualified. Free pint.

    9.10 I'm in the plane! Talked to a demented (friendly though) couple from NY. Then it was time to get my luggage checked and BOOM! Random security check on my body and right when I was done BOOM! random security check on my luggage as well (what are the odds?!)! Probably has nothing to do with the fact that I wear a mafiosi pinstripe suit, covered with a leather coat at all. Ah well, window seat! Yaaaaaaaa!

    9.42 I sit here for half an hour now, just reading, until I realized I didn't look through that bloody window yet. Weather's cloudy, and I have view on the engine too. This gives me the chance to freak out about bits falling off. When did they build this shit anyway?! 1940!? It looks and smells like an attic. Enough leg space, surprisingly. Hey! Safety message! Nice timing! Holy shit, we move! I doubt that was on purpose though. Of course, the narrator doesn't mention anything about this. Argh, same safety message! English version.. being 10 times shorter than the Dutch one. LOL at the lifevest showcase. Plane's taxi'ing now =) yay.

    9.50 And stalled hahahaha, we're not even near the strip yet.

    9.55 I saw an owl! ORLY! Taxi'ing, attempt #2

    9.58 Lining up.. revs! nawz! now!

    10.05 Should I be worried if the stewardess tells everyone to keep their seatbelt on while we're above the clouds already? Anyway, it looks like antarctica up here, pretty sweet, I have to admit.

    10.20 Passenger feeding time! So here I sit, in my pinstripe suit, eating strawberry yoghurt and drinking a banana shake... economy class lol. Hi! Coffee! Here! Flying on 35K feet, over Germany.. with Poland, Lithuania and Russia coming up soon. Weather forecast Moscow: 15 deg Centigrade, strong wind from the East, and rain. GdamN!

    10.25 How does one open these windows? I want to poop on Germany.

    10.28 That was some god-awful coffee hahaha

    13.00 Switched to Russian time, it's 1 PM now lol, which is funny, because I wrote the bit of 10.28 about half an hour ago. So errh.. 2 more hours of keeping this noisy brick up in the sky, and I can finally enjoy the cold rain, with a strong wind blowing in from, yeh, "the east". Daewoo east, Chery east, Wilderb east, F east, etc.

    13.25 Announcement. "every non-russian passenger has to fill out a migration form. These, are available, in Russian." Smart stuff, etc.

    13.30 I mean, seriously, how are non-russians supposed to be capable of filling out Russian forms!? I know I can't.

    14.00 I'm not entirely sure if I filled it out correctly. Hey, the plane's losing altitude! Sweet! Maybe we'll crash, instead of that I just go to jail due to a stupid syntax error on a completely unnecessary migration form. It's vacation lol.

    14.10 It might not quite seem like it, but I like flying. Just making this clear.

    14.40 Landing with turbulence! This is SO awesome!

    20.40 (Jane) A kiss

    20.41 Mmmm =)

    August 24th

    10.35 Woke up a few times this morning, once because I heard an alarm in the far distance. Hence I'm resorting on the 19th floor in what's a seriously good and affordable hotel. I really owe Jane for arranging this. I'll think of a way. It's also pretty hard not to look like a tourist. Places, that are impressive in their own ways, on my side of the world, are things that I'm used to. But the different architecture, people, systems, cars, everything... I just can't help having this tourist facial expression, haha. "Working on it". Red Square today, update soon.

    August 25th

    10.45 Yesterday was great! Jane has shown a lot of the old centre of Moscow and I'm honestly impressed again. We also got stopped by this police officer, who wanted to take me to the local police office for not carrying my visum with me. He really tried hard, despite that I did have my migration card with me. Jane said some funny things I guess and everything was alright. The cop did say though, that they got a quota (!) of foreigners they have to catch for this way of breaking the law. Alright, anyway, we went for.. lunch/brunch something to this really nice restaurant where we consumed very well peppered steak, chicken, a beer.. and a mix drink of which I don't know the origin. There was also a really nice photography exhibition, and considering cars.. so many tuned BMW 7's, G55's, Cayenne Turbos, etc.! Seriously unbelievable. Jane likes 911's, Bentleys and Lamborghinis she said, but thought the Maserati 3200 we saw was really awesome as well. Ah well, will write more, time to have a smoke!

    11.00 Forgot to mention: I haven't seen ANY bicycle or moped yet!

    August 28th I got some time to write again! Fogive my bad sense of time (bloody night shifts) but anyway... met Jane's mother now as well and she's really smart and sweet in my opinion =) The 3 of us went to this exhibition, which easily kept some of the greatest art I've seen in my lifetime. We've also been exploring more parts of the city, and her knowledge, emotions, everything, just keep amazing me. Thennn.. yes, 2 nights ago, we went down "her memory lane", which is the boulevard around the University complex. Simultaneously, there happened to be a streetracing event in the same area, and seriously, F&F was NOTHING compared to what I've seen driving around that night. SO MANY people that are in a streetracing community in one way or another: awesome. The best however, was, the view over the stadium, river, city; we had a little emotional moment there, and seriously, how beautiful is it, when in the not-too-far distance, fireworks are going off when kissing? Seriously, just wow! Spent the night at her place, didn't get a lot of rest, but I really had the day of my life =) Thennn... went to Victory Park, where we witnessed a lot of just-married couples, while it was great weather outside. Then it started to rain a bit, so we had to go somewhere indoors. The metro station gave great shelter, however, my "I'm not going to be a pathetic citizen acting like I melt when I get wet" argument caused us to get drowned outside, by this cloud explosion. Then we ate, had another walk, etc etc etc. I'm just too enthousiast to keep on writing. BRB tonight. Or tomorrow morning again.

    August 30th

    00.40 This is all going way too fast and I really don't want to go home anytime soon. Today it was a reasonably relaxed day mainly spent in thie hotel room, where we had a reasonably nice breakfast which Jane took care of. Later, early in the evening, we went bowling, airhockeying and pooling together. It was really nice! Then at midnight, I brought her home and now I'm back here, writing, with the happy beats of the MV3TB channel in the background. I think tomorrow morning, I'll go online for a bit... but maybe not, as I really don't want to lose any time in this wonderful city and with my girl. Ah well, I'm going to have a smoke now, while looking out over the city, here, on the 19th floor, and go to bed right after. Gnite!

    12.05 It's raining, REALLY HARD

    13.15 It's raining this hard now that I can't even see some of the old towers down the centre anymore. For the record, I'm pretty damn close to them.

    13.20 Ok, all I can pretty much see now is the road, in front of the hotel. To give an idea: when a regular car (VAZ, Volga, ZAZ, Moskvitch, Aleko) is going through one of the puddles in the tarac (not fast, doh, they can't!), the water would splash up as high as their windshield, or roof even. The VAZ/Lada 210x is also the most popular car here.

    (Jane) Hi from Moscow =) Don't forget me =)

    (Jane) I'll be waiting 4 u

    turns out the rest of the diary is written by Jane lol.. I'll discuss with her if that's ok to publish later...
  2. that's seriously awesome. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  3. Later today I'll make sure I'll have some galleries up considering the trip =)
  4. Cool, good read
  5. also been to other cities?
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  7. Aww, how sweet.
  8. I sometimes happen to be. So like.. all of the pimp club (Arcanjo, Madhav, me) got gf's now? I'm actually not sure about Maddi.
  9. +10000000000000000
  10. i actually want to go to russia once in my life.
  11. that's what I said too

    now I want to go a gazillion times
  12. Looks like an amazing trip <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  13. next time you go, guide me around.
  14. +a billion
  15. Awesome. Loved the flight part.
  16. that was great

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