Death of Habeas Corpus

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    What do you think? And please read the options before answering, everyone falls in either group.

    EDIT: BTW, I voted "NO rights are TOTALLY absolute"
  2. welcome back
  3. Absolute power corrupts absolutely?
  4. True. But if we knew who were the terrorists of the attacks in London, New York or Madrid beforehand and snipers had them in their sights, I wouldn't want to give them the right to a fair trial or something like that. I am strongly against capital punishment, but I think they should still pull the trigger if there's no other choice to stop them.
  5. Bush is a Cylon.
  6. everyone deserves a fair trial, regardless of who they are
  7. But if the other choice is to let them kill many people?
  8. if you get arrested, and found too dangerous to be released on bail, you will be held till your court date
  9. Maybe I wasn't clear... If the only way to stop a terrorist is to shoot him without warning, would you still let him carry out the attack?
  10. Law enforcement are allowed to take that kind of action if there is no other choice

    but that doesnt mean you're gonna go around shooting anyone you believe to be a terrorist
  11. There must be a clear and present danger for a law enforcement agent to take such an action. If you start making exceptions for assumed terrorists it open the floodgates for more rights to be trampled. Things were set up the way they were so such quick, judgemental, and sometime rash decisions/actions could not legally take place. You have to remember that the guys who wrote the Constitution of the United States of America were paranoid about the government gaining such power. Rightly so, because when exceptions are made, seemingly with good intentions, it creates acceptance and complacency towards such exceptions. There are no 'buts' as far as I am concerned with rights. It is either a right or it isnt, there are no 'sometimes when it suits us, but when it doesnt we will forget aqbout that one' in the Constitution. There should be another option: NO rights should EVER be broken.

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