decided to have a little druggy day (edited)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Unregistered, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. so, where do you live again?
  2. Man yall wild, stop the drugs
  3. I had some K the other night for the first time in over a year. Good times.
  4. miss u mitch!
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  5. What happen to just say no?
  6. acid is something i'll never try, call me a #%[email protected], but i'm simply scared of it, plus i had some friends who got super into for a while, they're not the same people anymore, i don't mean that they became stupid or crazy but they did became a little short tempered, they're just a much edgier version of them selves, one of them ended up having muscle tension problems, he can't sleep like he used....i know this won't come from doing a couple of times, but these dude took it an extreme

    now shrooms is something i'm down with
  7. oh and i forgot to say, kids, if you have no opiate tolerance (you're not a junkie), 70 mgs of methadone + 6 mgs of xanax, will kill you, just fyi
  8. thats weird that your friend became short tempered/edgier, thats the opposite of what usually happens.

    i don't get why people are always so much more reluctant to try acid, i think it's the name. its just as safe, and very similar to shrooms.
  9. Safer probably, considering mushroom allergies are common and pretty dangerous if indeed you are.
  10. i don't have anything against it, and i'm very curious about it, but my fear of it overpowers my curiosity, though i wouldn't be surprised if i ended up trying it.

    have you met people who have done acid for long periods of time? like people did it for a couple of years, dude, they're not 'normal' at all, their postures, the way the walk/talk, makes them look like mental patients, but don't get me wrong, that won't come from doing acid every once in a while here and there, that will come from a prolonged use, both shrooms and acid or any strong psychedelic drugs will eventually make you insane with frequent prolonged use, i love mushrooms though, i'm happy i did them too because they changed me in positive way, they changed my outlook on life, and it has been a while since i've done them but i just can't #$%#ing find them...i won't deny it, i'm a #$%#ing druggie, lately my favorites have been opiates and benzos, i used to #$%#ing love weed, but after quitting for a while and then trying it again i stopped enjoying it as much as i used to, but i still light up every once in a while to reminisce of the old

    doing acid a couple of times will do the opposite like you said, but meet someone who has done it for years and years and you'll see what i mean.

    don't get me wrong, i'm not luke longnecker
  11. I really don't think effects of acid as a drug are safer than the effects of mushrooms, but you're right about the allergies thing.

    I know that on acid you can actually see shit that is completely not there, and that's what scares me, plus it's not like you come up and then come down, it's like a roller coaster, but I guess that's the fun for some people.

    Mushrooms, you go up, trip, and then come down, and you don't see shit that's completely not there, it's kind of like putting a filter on your reality for 3 or 4 hours.

    But, this one time I needed a ride, and I called my friend for one, and he said okay, so half way through he tells me that he's tripping, and I was pretty surprised because his driving was just fine.
  12. yeah i'm well aware of what too much psychedelic drugs can do to you. they've changed me a hell of a lot, sobriety is very very different for me now than it was a couple years ago. i can't really relate to most people anymore, really. but it is all for the best, i am a much happier person now.
  13. Elaborate on the sobriety and relating part for me please, I'm very interested.

    Happiness is what matters the most, in my opinion. So, good for you man.
  14. the second time i dropped acid it totally kicked my ass. it completely and totally shattered my ego and i lost all contact with reality for an indeterminate amount of time. my consciousness was just floating in a fractal sea of EVERYTHING. all space, all time, every reality that ever existed was happening in one unending moment. i existed as the ultimate observer, understanding everything without words or symbols, just abstract thoughts that made perfect sense, but could not be communicated. i've done the same dose several times since but its never even gotten close to that peak.

    Its hard to describe how i feel when i'm sober, but its different for sure. its like i'm aware that everything around me is just my brain's interpretation of the world, and my brain is in turn just the universe become aware of itself. i have a renewed sense of wonder at everything, and i'm really just in awe of the complete absurdity of everything around me.

    I dunno how much of my current mindset is a result of the drugs, and how much is just growing up. i've been doing these drugs since i was 15 or 16 and i turn 19 in a couple weeks.

    pic related, everything was kind of like that only very organic and flowing and instead of just colours it was different pieces of this larger reality

    i suck at trying to describe this shit.
  15. ^^ that's kind of what I saw every time I looked up at tree branches last time I was on shrooms. It was probably the most intense experience of my life.
  16. that sounds #$%#in amazing. i've wanted to try acid for a while now, and i have a friend who is very very like minded and i've been smoking with him for years. it's just a huge step between acid and weed. i should try mushrooms first, i've never had a big enough dose to do anything close to a proper trip. maybe i will do mushrooms with my friend... he has some decent experience with those
  17. Damn, now I want to do it even more. Sounds amazing.
  18. WTF? I hope you little #$%#ers end up on intervention or something. I'm thinking about which blunt flavor to roll and you assholes are in another dimension.
  19. the time before and after the peak was just as strange. still connected to reality but distorted beyond recognition. shit like a small stain on the floor of a hallway turning into huge vines completely covering the floor to the roof. while sitting on a bed i had an effect where it was like shitty reception on an old TV where the image keeps scrolling up and coming back out the bottom, only every time it happened the setting was completely changed, new colours, new faces. there were 3 other people there and they kept changing into these crazy archetypes, and i naturally assumed at this point that i had figured out the truth, and that i was the only thing that actually existed. i WAS reality, and i had created my everyday life to escape the crushing truth that i was completely alone as (for lack of a better word) god.

    it was seriously #$%#ed up. i wasn't prepared at all.
  20. When I did shrooms I had a press photo from Porsche as my background (think it was a gt3 sitting on a track). I opened my laptop to do something and me and a friend ended up staring at it for 20 mins, I was waiting for it to come right at me.

    I head into the next room to tell everyone else (who were all on shrooms too) and someone goes, "#$%# your computer, look at that wood, it's moving! I can watch this shit all night."

    The grain in wood swirls like crazy.
  21. Yeah the most stupid and insignificant object takes a personality of its own while on shrooms. I was what felt like an hour just staring at the blocks of a wall. Some expanded and moved, others look brighter (well everything looks brighter), other blocks even changed colors slightly.

    BTW next time you eat shrooms do this: chop them in very small pieces with scissors and mix it with yogurt. It kicks faster and stronger. Or at least that's what I thought, but I was tripping balls
  22. what a waste of an afternoon
  23. Reading you guys' experiences make me very content that i've never tried drugs.

  24. went bush raving across british columbia this summer, got ahold for some mda's , some opiate laced X's, some coke but never bought it always given for free, some tons and tons of pot

    nothing like getting Gizacked in the middle of the mountains with a party going on.

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