Deep fried Kool aid

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BuickGNXkillsALL, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. I just had some at the fair.
  2. Giant Turkey leg
  3. God Bless America!
  4. Hey man.. Though this food is "Vile" and "disgusting" by "high-class" Europeans. The Turkey leg was really good this year. It was actually very moist and tender (vs being tough the previous years) and the fried kool aid was surprisingly good. I didnt think it was gonna be good, but the tangy cherry flavor of the kool aid went well with the deep fried batter.

  5. and my "fat ass" can still do 1 handed pull ups
  6. Its not one handed if you're using the other hand...
  8. They sell deep fried butter at the local fair here.
  9. well, whatever that is called. I can do it. Most people can't.
  10. You are lucky, sir.

    The deep fried foods become too much after a while. But if you don't over do it, you can try a but of everything without getting disgusted from it.
  11. BTW, happy Birthday!
  12. lifting that moustache off the ground indeed quite a feat
  13. haha.

    Oh, you always were quite the comedian.


    I lied....
  14. the dutch have the best deep fried food
  15. The Iron Sheik has really let himself go.
  16. Thats Vile and Disgusting by 3rd world (scottish) standards too.
  17. Don't make me come down there an batter you
  18. even i can do a one handed pull up and im weak.. not impressed
  19. the dutch dont have the best anything
  20. they have the best worst language
  21. they have quite good insults and swear words actually, i like the whole swearing with diseases thing they do.

    still, I think Urdu has them beaten
  22. ok best worst sounding
    i dont like talking to people i think are spitting at me
    i get enough of that every day
  23. says a brit
  24. ya dutch comedy > british comedy
  25. lol

    now i know youre trolling

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