Discussion in '2005 Steeda Mustang Street Concept Q' started by bodaciousbob, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. Wow.... I'm impressed that Ford has finally managed to defile everything that we know and love about the Mustang (now before people start hatin on me, I own a 240SX,) all I see is.... Rice
    Rice rice rice rice rice....
    what else can you say about this car from the canary yellow paint and black hood, 1/2' D1 wing, to the bling bling 18" rims..... also isn't there a point where no matter how many holes you drill in a brake that its not going to help reduce temperatures anymore? Oh yeah, leave those damned "fog" lights on the "Evo" bumpers for Eclipses, Neons, and Celica's...
    Now, how much more can Ford defile Jaguar, and Aston Martin, and Mazda? (I have to give mazda kudos for great looking/performing vehicles")

    We can officially say that Steeda has murdered the Steed
  2. the wing definately took it over the edge
  3. Awesome...
  4. Ignorant.

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