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Discussion in '2000 Lamborghini Diablo Coatl' started by bob777, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. If you want to stand out, I think this is the car to do it in.
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    Yes, different for sure. I like it, very aggressive looking, very good looking car.
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    Different, unfortunately.
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    Obviously you #$%#ing idiot! Gee, talk about stating the obvious!
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    dam..all i can say is wow
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    wow a lambo with a body kit thats the best thing since sliced bread what will they think of next? green toilet paper?
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    This car is so ugly that it allmost becomes beautiful.

    I like it, but I wouldn't want to drive it.
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    its one of those cars that u can either love the looks or hate the looks. well its fast, no matter what people think. i happen to like the way it looks. i agree that it looks very aggressive and mean if u were to see it on the road. im not hearing much about it anywhere else though other then this website so obviously it was a flop.
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    i wish i had enough money to buy this for my b/f he been sayin for so long that he wanted this wood be great if they cood sell it to me for like hmm hehe 100 dollars? lol
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    this car is cool
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    the performance is excellent but in my opinion this car is just ugly.
  13. this car is sex on ice.

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