Delage V12 Labourdette Vutotal Coupe

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  1. Delage V12 Laburdette Vutotal Coupe

    In 1937 Delage, Delahaye and STAS decided to created a closed Grand Prix car. Louis Delage had his engineer Albert Lory build a new 4.5 liter prototype engine in a Delahaye 135 chassis.

    Fitted was a spectacular body that was designed by Jean Andreau. His wooden model was then sent the workshop of Carroserrie Labourdette where Jean Henri Labourdette manufactured the body and used his patented Vutotal glass windshield.

    As #4, it participated in the 1937 French Grand Prix, but was damaged during practice. It was then repaired and repainted in two-tone for the Paris Auto Show. Afterwards its body was removed for more standard coachwork. The new body debuted at Brooklands but was destroyed in a lethal crash.
  2. Delage V12 Laburdette Vutotal Coupe

    Repainted for the Paris Motor Show.
  3. Delage V12 Laburdette Vutotal Coupe

    With a new body, its final race was at Brooklands. Driven by Joseph Paul showing an open 2-seat sport body, it had a serious accident resulting a death and many more injuries.
  4. Wow, this is pretty cool. Too bad it isn't around anymore...
  5. hmmm, i saw a delahaye 135 chassis + cobalt gearbox for sale in england few months ago
    anyone fancy a rebody?
  6. the first body was the best.
  7. very, very cool car <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>
    A shame of the bad luck in racing.
  8. i dont like those bulging rear fenders,but the rest of the car is sexy
  9. that is why I love these forums so much....offering a cobalt gearbox for sale is priceless......
  10. don't all delahaye fire trucks have these?
    i know these are fairly affordable, and make a great start for a 135LM recreation

    i'd LOVE one
  11. it's been posted before, and again I'll say: if not for that tail, it might just be in the top 10 best looking cars ever.
  12. cotal - cobalt
    meh, what's in a word
  13. I really love the Salon/Paris repainted version

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