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  1. ART Contest!

    I'm thinking we have enough great artists on this website to have an art contest! You can use any media you want and we need to agree on a time limit. No CGI please!

    UPDATE (03.14.06)


    2 Categories: Realisim or Original Design

    Media: Anything goes EXCEPT computer aided drawings.

    Due: March 17th 2006

    PM me if you want to participate and DO NOT submit your drawings on this website! I want it to be completely fair so you'll have to e-mail me your drawing and I'll post them up on March 18th. Please don't sign your name on the picture either, so there's no popularity issues. Also, tell me which categorie you're entering in. Good Luck!

  2. ART Contest!

    i'm in, do we all design the same car, or render from scratch?
  3. ART Contest!

    if it is for hand=drawings, i am in.
  4. ART Contest!

    Ive improved..and JJ anytype of media..
  5. ART Contest!

    You need more rules and restrictions
  6. ART Contest!

    I agree with Porche addict...but I'd be in.
  7. ART Contest!

    Carsten/Plucke would win..
  8. ART Contest!

    they should be the judges.
  9. ART Contest!

    Yeah...more restrictions are definetly essential. Cause there are so many different media and different oens take more skill. I would probably do an oil painting. That takes alot of time and patients. Drawing isn't AS hard. Maybe we, together, can come up with guidelines.
  10. ART Contest!

    i didnt get it ??
  11. ART Contest!

    Anytype of media e.g U can use computers or drawing or anything. Im using photoshop.
  12. ART Contest!

  13. ART Contest!

    The idea here is NOT computers. Thats what photoshop contests are for.
  14. ART Contest!

    No CGI. (Computer Generated Images)
  15. ART Contest!

    Yes, cars only.
  16. ART Contest!

    I'm willing to take them on.
  17. ART Contest!

    How about we figure out who really has drawing skills? All cars should be done in MS paint, NO PSHOP.
  18. ART Contest!

    pencil to paper designs should be a rule.
  19. ART Contest!

    Yes, pencil, colored pencil, paintings, airbrush, pretty much anything except computer drawings.
  20. ART Contest!

    Again, there will be no use of computers, only to scan your drawing. You can start another P-Shop or MS Paint contest if you'd like.
  21. ART Contest!

    I think a month from now would be a good amount of time. Do you guys agree? We can all submit them to me one month from now and vote on them the day after.
  22. ART Contest!

    Yes...I was thinking about a month or so. Definelty need time for a contest like this.
  23. ART Contest!

    Fine, I'm in.
  24. ART Contest!

    i think the contest should be about designing a car, not drawing a car. i mean somthing from ur imagination, not drawing somthing exist.
    this would be more intersting, and it will show the real talent.

    and again, no CG (p-shop, ms paint, etc..)

    any more roles ??
  25. ART Contest!

    Yes. We should create our own car from the ground up!

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