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  1. ART Contest!

    That would be a great idea. But if you entered, we all know who is going to win <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  2. ART Contest!

    Thank you, I'm flattered, but I will not be participating in the contest with my work! I'm too busy drawing right now, and besides I am very satisfied with being a judge and I'll do my best to be fair in the judging!
    Even if I did enter, it's not sure that the judges would find my drawings the best.....different eyes see different things you know! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    I'll try to dig out a good print for the winner!!!

    Best regards

  3. ART Contest!

    what kind of design are we tlaking about?
    Im itching to get started designing things.
  4. ART Contest!

    that would be the ULTIMATE prize.

    honestly, if the drawing is getting recognized by person like u is the best prize ever.
  5. ART Contest!


    2 Categories: Realisim or Original Design

    Media: Anything goes EXCEPT computer aided drawings.

    Due: March 17th 2006

    PM me if you want to participate and DO NOT submit your drawings on this website! I want it to be completely fair so you'll have to e-mail me your drawing and I'll post them up on March 18th. Please don't sign your name on the picture either, so there's no popularity issues. Also, tell me which categorie you're entering in. Good Luck!
  6. ART Contest!

    "2 Categories: Realisim or Original Design"
    can u expalin more, what u mean by realisim??

    who will be the judge, and the design will be judged based on what??
  7. ART Contest!

    Are multiple entries allowed? Anyway, sounds cool. At the end we should display all the contestants' entries even if they didn't win, I'm sure people are going to work hard on this. Make a new thread with the official rules.

    So yeah, I'm in. Going for the design category, obviously.
  8. ART Contest!

    I'm going to make a poll so sc.net can decide whos the winner. Realism is art based on a real object, or in this case a car. So you can draw a Porsche 911 RSR if you want, or you can create your own design.
  9. ART Contest!

    I'm going to display everybodies through a poll. I'm just not going to say who's drawing is whos'.
  10. ART Contest!

    if carsten donates a print to the winner, make sure that the poll is by people voting by posting. if it isnt, anyone could just make 100 accounts and keep voting for themself in every account.
  11. ART Contest!

    Can you put in two entries, one to each catagory?
  12. ART Contest!

    This sounds really cool guys! I will be following this thread! Sorry for my late reply but ive been so busy lately with starting a small company here in Sweden. Sorry to say that i can't participate this time around because i pretty much have no free time right now.

    Im sure our golden man Carsten will make a great job at judging! Also really generous of him sending a print, that really shows what a classy guy he is!
  13. ART Contest!

    Good idea. We could also do a 100+ post minimum to vote, to be safe.
  14. ART Contest!

    Update this in the first post of the thread.
  15. ART Contest!

    how do we email if we dont know the email adress?
  16. ART Contest!

    I'm in if I have time to do a piece.

    BTW, I haven't read this whole discussion but if you're going to choose a car, pick one that is somewhat challenging. Like an Enzo or Muira has easy flowing lines and is so basic in it's shape that it isn't very proportionally challenging. Something like an E30 M3 or Mitsu Evo would be more fun IMO.
  17. ART Contest!

    read the whole thread
  18. ART Contest!

    just quick question, can i submet a tooned-car ??
  19. ART Contest!

    Im going to design my own this time (well I usuall do that anyway)
    It will be a supercar and it will be as original as I can make it.
    It also wont look like an F1 car since so many companies are trying that now.
  20. ART Contest!

    Point still stands though, designing has the same guidelines, if not easier than making a realistic picture (maybe I missed something but I caught that is was an original design or realism).
  21. ART Contest!

    me and u can have a tooned category... im down to do a countach
  22. ART Contest!

    u just inspired me... here is a 5 minutes sketches (not very clear, sorry no scanner)
  23. ART Contest!

    I still dont know the email to send submissions to
  24. ART Contest!

    Let it be later, so I can upload my newest drawing. Honda Formula 1 Car. It will be a top contender garenteed. I wager my dignity, who's in?
  25. ART Contest!

    Is this limited to drawings of cars?

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