dell only sells their shit online?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CorksComeback, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. are there ANY stores where i can buy dell stuff
  2. Nope, online only.
  3. yeah thought so.. they should sell stuff in stores
  4. then they will get more expensive, their idea is to build you PC when you order it,They have no PC's in storage.
  5. They're already waaay overpriced
  6. For a "brand pc" they are cheap, But you can always get a "no-name" PC that is better and cheaper.
  7. they should sell the MP3 players/tvs/printers in stores
  8. True, But is'nt dell printers the same as HP?
  9. There are Dell liquidation stores, few and far between.
  10. hmm dunno
  11. No, Dell printers are Lexmark based but use special Dell-Lexmark ink that you can only get thru them.
  12. Dells are stupid cheap.
  13. Dell = shit

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