Delorean Solstice

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by bob777, Oct 7, 2009.

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  2. Awesome, will the seats be stuffed with cocaine?
  4. It looks so much better without the Pontiac grille. Thy Saturn Sky was awesome, but this is even better.
  5. I'm not sure this is a wise idea.
  7. damn that looks better
  8. BTTF remake imminent
  9. Definitly love that. Looks so much better without the Pontiac grill.

    Except, the only thing is ... it HAS to be made exactly as is. Stainless steel color, black grills, etc.
  10. woa. sounds interesting.
  11. Delorean should come back to life.
  12. John Zombie DeLorean
  13. yeah lets bring back a shit car only base it off a boring roadster that is nothing like the original
  14. Very hot. Wouldn't mind having one without the louvres though.
  15. It has to have a SS body otherwise it just wouldn't be a Delorean.

    And anything besides the stock Solstice grill is an improvement.
    Also, the Solstice platform is a POS IMO. The car looks good (minus the grill), but the performance sucks (especially for the price).
  16. will it come with a flux capaticor? lol
  17. They can do better.

  18. Yeah you tell them, Tim!
  19. Neither was the original delorean. And we all know how cool that turned out to be.
  20. i drove the saturn sky and the pontiac solstice, they felt more planted to the road than the current MX-5. i'd like to see the car live on. it would have done better if it was only made by a different manufacturer (if the saturn sky was a scion), we would see it everywhere. great car.

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