Denise Milani

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by nappyjb37, Mar 20, 2010.

  3. ugh w00t lets go somewhere where we can have some privacy from these outsiders
    maybe we'll get a room
    at the bunny ranch
  4. yeah, bunch of ghetto trashbags in here.

    ill invite airforce amy.
  5. #$%#
  6. leave my mother alone, you #$%#ing idiot. You have putes in Holland so go see them.
  7. that is one of the most stupid and cretinic comment I have read. But I will play the same game than you even tough I find it very unfunny. Does your sister has enough calcium in her bones to keep all her bones as solid as a rock??
  8. Sword fights everyone.
  10. Waz pootz?
  11. hookers
  12. Ooooh red light district!

    brb going to Holland
  13. are there any vids of this woman #$%#ing something?
  14. Unfortunately no. Been searching like crazy for them an no, not even nudes

    Count me in.
  16. I will give you and Blake a special mission: sexing this girl and putting it on tape for me.
  17. With pleasure
  18. Lucy Pinder

    ...sheesh. What's up with the less than/greater than characters?

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