Depositing checks from other people

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. A coworker of mine is asking me to deposit a check made out to her in my account. Citing have some back due fees whatever.

    She's saying that if we both sign the back of it, it's legit. Seems fishy to me
  2. By the way, obviously id ask the bank, but the whole thing is, banks are closed, and my bank offers check deposit thru ATM, after which I can give her a couple of bucks right away, and the rest on Monday when it clears. Is what she is saying
  3. she can endorse it to you , but banks around here don't like cheques deposited like that if the person endorsing it is not a joint account holder , and may return it. ( may be different in US/ bank to bank)

    lets say she had a revoked overdraft and as soon as she deposits the cheque they seize it so she wants you to deposit it and give her the cash .. might be a legit story , could just as easiuly be a scam depending on the character of the person you are dealing with ... given the choice a or b I would say not a person I want to do a financial transaction with ...
  4. There's nothing wrong with a two party check. Your bank won't scoff at it, but it's all on you.

    She's probably asking you to do it because her account is too low to cash it. In which case, you may deposit it, you may give her some money, but then when your bank trys to clear it against her bank, it'll bounce due to non-sufficient funds, and your bank will return it to you and take back the money they credited to your account. You'll have to pay a pentalty to your bank for a returned check, she'll have to pay a penalty to her bank for a NSF.

    I can't think of any other reason. She has enough funds for this check but not to pay her "back due fees"? Translation - they're gonna use her present balance to pay her back due fees (or as much as she actually has in the bank) and then she will no money to pay you back for this check.

    If you trust that she's not doing something shady, just loan her the money. If you don't trust her enough to pay you that back, you certainly shouldn't trust her to pay you back for the little money your're going to give her against the check and the inevitable returned fee your bank will charge you.
  5. "remember the 90s" yeah it aint hard when i log onto these forums and see the same damn layout

    still using checks, scrub.
  6. No one uses checks anymore, its obviously fishy.
  7. cheques are still being used? jesus christ
  8. I don't accept checks from anyone under the age of 30.
  9. Yeah, all those people under 30 with chequebooks.
  10. You should punch her in the face.
  11. why isn't she going to the cash4gold shit on the corner of the street ot exchange it in 5min?
  12. u give me check
  13. That's how my clients pay me. I can't think of an easier way.
  14. cash dolla
  15. oh right, let me go well out of my way to go to my bank to get a bunch of cash so i can walk around with a bunch of cash. or i guess i could go into a corner store and pay a surcharge to get a bunch of cash so i can walk around with a bunch of cash. or maybe i can just write down some words on this paper thing thats right next to me.

    one of those options sure seems easier. unless rob takes credit cards i guess.
  16. Is your friend Nigerian Royalty?
  17. Just tell her broke ass to go to a money mart or some us equivalent. She'll fit right in and get her cheque cashed for a small fee.
  18. This.
  19. Are they the sort of place that will give you cash immediately but not try to run your check immediately? Because that was really the whole point.
  20. Yeah they'll cash it immediately after taking a small percentage. If the cheque bounces before payment can be sent they'll just charge more fees.
  21. I heard Corks accepts two party bad checks
  22. I still pay some of my bills by check.
  23. jobs in the haus and some taxes for me

    I don't have cash on me, only cc/debit
  24. I only pay bills by automatic transaction
  25. My landlord doesn't accept credit cards, but my bank allows me to request payments online and they will mail a check out on my behalf. It's the greatest thing. I can finally pay ALL of my bills online.

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