der lügenpresse en wunderwaffe

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  1. Wait, there were nazis working since the 1800s that made up nazi words to attack innocent hardworking buzzfeed journalists in 2016? Did I miss some recent discoveries regarding history? How do I check which words are dangerous nazi words?

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  2. Why spend time on factchecking if you can spend this time on slandering/promoting companies, persons and whatever other foes/allies
    US media in a nutshell
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  3. How does using a faux-German word to call them lying press equate to being anti-semitic?
    They weren't yelling lying kyke press.
  4. What's sad is a few 10s of thousands of people believe it.
  5. die huntergag
    das telefunzele
  6. Those were some progressive Nazis, already coming up with terms during the Franco-Prussian War!
  7. Also how is "wonder weapon" a Nazi word? Nobody in their right mind even gets offended about a term such as Blitzkrieg, that actually originates from the 3rd Reich.

    Even questionable words with heavy connotations to the National Socialist ideology, such as Untermensch or Entartete Kunst, should be free to use imo. Hate speech is hate speech regardless of vocabulary. And personally I find sanitized hate speech more dangerous than blunt or profane one. (Due to humanitarian concerns, we should regulate the population of minorities by euthanasia programs vs. We should hang all dem fuckin niggers and spics yeeehaw).

    But yeah, I'm sure Hitler used many words in his lifetime. Ban the German language!!!!
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  8. Also I think the word is used appropriately here
    And if they were to call the press Komsomolskaya Pravda, they'd be framed as "Trumps' Putin luvvers", so whatever, it's lose-lose
  9. buzzfeed's offices need to be bombed.
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  10. Buzzfeed is the 'yellow press' that was the embarrassing thing to purchase at a store. Now it's all over your "newsfeed" on Facebook, and Facebook simply doesn't segregate the idiots from non-idiots as a $0.50 newspaper does.

    I was also speaking with someone not too long ago and was informed that The Economist, apparently, is a 'far-right' publication. Can't help but blame outlets such as buzzfeed for this sort of thinking that links well-reasoned (and spell-checked) writing with "extremist ideology".
  11. Buzzfeed is terrible.
    Several years ago, I was interviewed for a job editing and maintaining a local Buzzfeed-esque website that mostly relied on sending spam mails with viral shit. I was accepted but had to say no because it was against my journalist integrity. I don't understand how anyone who's into content writing (let alone journalism) can do stuff like that. How does the hunger for likes and views completely overcomes the need to do a good job.
  12. How else can they spread their propaganda?
  13. It's mostly stuff like "10 Kittens That Will Melt Your Heart". Then when they gain popularity, they're like "shit, we can use this to promote an agenda using the skills we've gained making lists".
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  14. Sometimes when I go flying and I need sumthin-a-read, I get those Foreign Affairs written magazine types. Usually interesting, but pretty solid submissions from people of which you can tell they thought of a given subject for quite a while.
  15. Tldr
  16. This whole "tl;dr"-attitude has played a major part in screwing up media. I'm not the kind of person who lives under the illusion that all printed data is of higher quality than other formats, but I have noticed a decreasing trend in mainstream media quality over time, both domestic and foreign. It's kinda alarming when the nation's premier newspaper starts publishing copypaste articles from the Economist and making lists about "5 tips that will make you lose weight"...

    Although we have easy access to (insert multiplier of 10^something) times as much information than, say, 30 years ago, the media reading skills of the average citizen have not kept up with the progress. Comparatively speaking, they have gone down the shitter.
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  17. Also, also also!
  18. Kinda brings to my mind the article from from a while ago with completely made up cities in Finland listed as the "worst places to visit in Finland". It still exists partially fixed but all of the descriptions remain completely made-up:

    Reasons listed are high crime rates, pollution and poor garbage collection services. Wtf? Those towns are like Swiss+ levels of clean and pretty much the only way to become a victim of violent crime in Kemi is to annoy wild animals.

    All of those towns are extraordinarily boring, small, and bland; would not recommend visiting. But they are the opposite of dangerous, polluted or dirty.
  19. not sure what this post was about (tldr) but i just wanted to chime in that I get most of my news and opinions from headlines on fb
    saves me so much time

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  20. Facebook has too much words. Twitter better.
  21. I saw some pro-Hillary thing today that criticized Trump for supporting the Iraq War... referring to a decade-old video clip where he says something like "...uhh, yeah, sure, I guess I support it [the war]". The whole Hillary voting for it in her capacity as Senator is of course totally irrelevant, shouldn't be brought up, no, no, look at this guy's hair! hahahaha what a loser!

    I loathe the state of our media. I'm happy not to be American and have to weigh in on this shite election, but being nearby and exposed to all the coverage, I'm astounded to how low the press can go. I don't remember it being this bad at the time of Barack/Romney, but then again, was Huffington Post even a thing then?
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  22. I mostly agree with this, except that I'm getting the sense that there's an improvement in the way people consume their information. It's so obvious that the media had turned to shit, that a lot of people know they have to sift through the shit to get the info.
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  23. I'd still say the majority of people are knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers, though. Sharing articles without reading them etc
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  24. I dont. In fact I'd say it's gotten worse since once reliable news sources have turned into tabloid/propaganda machines. I mean, who would have thought you would need to fact check CNN 20 years ago. Now, every news report needs to be taken with a grain of salt.
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  25. When I checked Reuters yesterday, their other headlines were literally these 5:

    edit: thing is just that this is one of the most (of not THE most) copypasted sources in western press

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