Dereck Chisora slaps Vitali Klitschko @ weigh-in

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by WhiteChocolateWorld, Feb 17, 2012.

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    Anyways, another ghetto trashbag brit with bad manners about to get beat by the most boring champion Ive ever fallen in love with. Hope Klit does not hesitate to collapse his epiglottis.

    Anyone watching?
  2. barbarians
  3. Don't care about Klitschko much, but I love seeing Chisora lose
  4. This Chisora guy seems like a proper twat. ugh.
  5. And David Haye before him. You decent UK blokes are underrepresented in the world o fisticuffs lately.
  6. Not really, there are 16 other weight divisions
  7. Yeah right
  8. disappointing.
  9. it's all about George Groves mate
  10. We have been a bit down on how the fight between him and Robert went down.

    One never truly knows how much he had trouble with his arm, latest news have not been encouraging, hopefully he gets back in shape and we get a rematch.
  11. You can't have a clash of cultures if one guy doesn't have any class or culture.
  12. Typical brit.
  13. Anyone know from where I can stream this on my computer?
  14. Not a bocksing nurd, but man. That was pretty funny. Klitschko looks more surprized than anything.

    EDIT: Having looked up both their records now, it appears the other dude almost certainly gonna get his shit pushed in.
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    Couple of classy blokes for sure.
  17. I will make him bite down on my apollon's axle and curb stomp him!
  18. keep talking dirty baby
  19. lol now i know why UK had riots last year. Looks like a large portion of their society is uneducated
  20. someone needs to clone Tyson so i could enjoy watching boxing again
  21. basically

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