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Discussion in '2002 Alfa Romeo Brera Concept' started by Mr b00st, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. I'm very fond of Alfa's Brera concept.


    slit-like headlights look plain mean. Alfa needs to do this with the rest of it's cars.
    lower front spoiler incorperated into bumper- thank you, lord.
    clamshell bonnet and triangular grille screams Alfa better than any other Alfa! wonderful
    an elegant solution for the mirrors, indeed.
    juicy oversized rims look great
    tail-lights wrap from rear bumper into the center in a triangle, and they actually look like they're part of the body rather than all other tail-lights.
    Doorhandle elegant, appropriately chromed.
    quad exhaust pipes are another evil touch
    round segmentation to tail and headlights is distinctive, memorable.

    not another #$%#ing chrome fuel filler cap. Christ.
    I'm not sure about the rear end yet, but it looks functional. This is an either or.
    Tiny, tiny alfa badge on back looks dorky.

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