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  1. Design your own car.

    We haven't done this for a while. Please use current technology.

    midengine 2 seat coupe
    46" tall
    73" wide
    169" long
    110" wheelbase
    normally aspirated V6 in front of the transaxle
    dry sump oiling
    DCT inside the wheelbase
    245/40 & 275/40
    18x8.5 & 19x10
    carbon ceramic brakes
    roll bar
    centrally located fuel bladder
    48/52 weight distribution F/R
  2. Design your own car.

    VW body/chassis. Porsche suspension components. Silicon carbide brakes. Subaru Impreza WRX flat four engine. Porsche tiptronic transaxle. Then send it to Lotus to calibrate and tune the thing.

    Different dream car.
    DeLorean chassis. Bugatti EB110 engine. Veyron transaxle. A Delorean that really would be capable of time travel.
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    Design your own car.

    I'd put the AER P32 V8 TT engine into this car:

    The engine only weighs 114kg, but makes 1000+hp (without air restrictors).
    This will reduce the car's weight to somewhere in the region of low 700kgs.
    The engine is an LMP1 engine, made to run at full blast for 24 hours.

    CONFIGURATION All Alloy 75� V8
    CAPACITY 3.6 Litres
    OVERALL LENGTH 510.65 mm (20 inches)
    OVERALL WIDTH 605.7 mm (24 inches)
    OVERALL HEIGHT (INCLUDING PLENUM) 588.2 mm(23 inches)
    MAXIMUM RPM 12,000 (approx.)
    HORSEPOWER (UNRESTRICTED) 1,000 (approx.)
  4. Design your own car.

    simulated performance <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> :

    power: 1000bhp @ 11400rpm
    torque: 477lb-ft @ 7500rpm
    mass: 730kg / 1609lbs

    0-30: 1.7
    0-40: 2.1
    0-50: 2.4
    0-60: 2.7
    0-70: 3.0
    0-80: 3.3
    0-90: 3.7
    0-100: 4.0
    0-110: 4.7
    0-120: 5.0
    0-130: 6.4
    0-140: 7.0
    0-150: 7.7
    0-160: 8.2
    0-170: 8.8
    0-180: 10.5
    0-190: 11.3
    0-200: 12.2
    0-210: 13.3
    0-220: 14.5
    0-230: 16.0
    0-240: 21.7
    0-250: 27.3

    best launch method : clutch dump @ 3200rpm
    top speed : 260mph in 81.1 seconds
    1/4 mile: 9.1 secs @ 172.1mph

    speed in gears:
    1st: 128mph
    2nd: 174mph
    3rd: 231mph
    4th: 301mph
    5th: off the scale

    acceleration G's: 1.45g

    fuel economy:

    avg: 15.0mpg
    full throttle 1st gear: 9mpg
    full throttle at Vmax: 5mpg
    best: 25mpg at 50mph, 5th gear


    2nd gear : 1.0secs
    3rd gear : 2.2secs
    4th gear : 4.5secs
    5th gear : 10.7secs


    2nd gear : 0.9secs
    3rd gear : 1.2secs
    4th gear : 2.1secs
    5th gear : 5.6secs
  5. Design your own car.

    15 mpg? Lol! And why would it get better mpg in 1st gear?
  6. Design your own car.

    Aiight check this out:

    I'mma take a Lambo with them flip up doors & add some real clean 22's, right? Then I get me some rill pretty purple color, u know dat ATL candy paint kekeke. K then I'd probably get 'Shanti in the headrests, carpet, all that u know? Then I'd get it cusom so I can take dat roof off for when my hair ain't nappy kekeke. Ooh and I'd get one of them TV jump offs for the headrests so my girls in the back ain't get bored when we cruisin. Oooh I want me one of these.

  7. Design your own car.

    Go back to detroit.
  8. Design your own car.

    Full size sedan
    180 cm tall
    about 2,5 tons
    190 cm wide
    6 meters long
    steel body
    BMW V12
    manual 5 speed gearbox with overdrive
    oldschool whitewall tyres
    loads of chrome
    leather interior and lots of wood

  9. Design your own car.

    a lightweight mid-engine two seater. spaceframe chassis with carbon body.
    possibly a BMW V10, transaxle rear drive. the cabin is minimalist, but neat. while the roof to the cabin is either open by hinges at the front. or completely detachable for a real open cabin experience.
  10. Design your own car.
  11. Design your own car.

  12. Design your own car.

    A pontiac fiero with a twin turbo LT1 small block chevy and a 4th gen camaro dash swap.

    A beetle with a subaru flat 4.

    A Datsun 240Z with either a skyline floor pan so that it can be converted to AWD and an RB26dett, or a turbocharged LS2.

    Thats all i can think of right now

  13. Design your own car.

    Lightweight aluminum tube frame integrated around a carbon fiber honeycomb core. Removeable hardtop that can be stored over the rear hood of the car. Mid engined - NA V12 around 7L, 650hp and 650+ ftlb torque. 7 Speed SMG with paddles. Low Cd body design, with full underbody covering and rear diffusers. Quad exhaust. Active aerodynamics and suspension (both height, and toe/camber). Scissor doors.

    Something around 2400lbs, and can fit someone that's 6'6"!!
  14. Design your own car.

    Did Mariah Carey actually say that?
  15. Design your own car.

    No, that's an urban legend made up by a comedy periodical.
  16. Design your own car.

    yes, it was in some magazine interview I think
    I remember seeing the magazine interview....
    That answer could have been made up I guess, but none of the other answers to other questions seemed stupid or not serious
  17. Design your own car.
  18. Design your own car.

    No lambo with scissor doors is avalable with 4 seats, you fail
  19. Design your own car.

    Aerodynamic and rolling resistance is much higher at Vmax, therefore more power is lost to overcoming the loads on the car.
  20. Design your own car.

    In both cases, the throttle is wide open, therefore, you'd be using the same amount of fuel in the same amount of time, but you'd be traveling a greater distance in the higher gear than you would in 1st gear.
  21. Design your own car.

    A 2 seater, fornt egnine, rwd, a Hgh reving DOHC 4.0 Turbo V8, full race suspension, 6 speed manual.
  22. Design your own car.

    - MP carburetered Hemi engine (the 360hp crate)
    - T56 6spd manual (or similar)
    - mid engine, AWD layout
    - 4-wheel coilover independant suspension
    - 4-wheel ABS disc brakes
    - 17'" alloy wheels
    - Roughly 48" tall and 72" wide, w/ 2 seats
    - 3000lb curb weight
  23. Design your own car.

    Fiat 500 Giardiniera + turboed Hayabusa engine with 400HP.

    edit: 700HP/ton and seats four
  24. Design your own car.

    mid engine W16 with 4 turbo chargers.

    body = ariel atom
    wheels = huge


    0-100 = 2.0 second
    0-200 = 5.2 second
    0-300 = 10.7 second
    top speed = 476kph
  25. Design your own car.

    Or, a car with a design inspired by jet fighters and the Group C's Sauber-Mercedes C11, a 7.3 liter mid-mounted AMG engine developing more than 600HP, two tone exterior, an interior that would make Hugh Heffner proud and 4 exhaust tips on the back, in the middle, protruding out of a circle that's erotic as a woman's asshole. I got the name: Paganini.

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