Design your own ultra wild road car

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  1. Design your own wild road car, describe its engine, transmission, body weight, dimensions and styling, but don't use ideas that are too outragous like having an antimatter engine. In addition, name the brand. It can be a car from an existing automaker or it can be a car company that you wish to create

    Here is my design:

    A mid-engined Ferrari supercar. It will have a large displacement turbo-charged V12 engine around 8 liters that could rev up to 20,000 rpm. Its power output would be more than 5000 horsepower. The top speed will be more than 400 mph, with 0 to 60 mph time of less than 1 second. With ultra light weight materials and construcion, the car will weigh about the same as the Enzo, despite being far more sophisticated.

    The car will have 3 seats, with driver sitting in the middle like the McLaren F1. The interior will be more luxurious than the Enzo, with leather interior, satellite navigation, power windows, and a powerful stereo with DVD player. The door swings upward like the Enzo.

    Like the current supercars, the car's fan-assisted underbody tunnels to provide downforce and cooling. A rear-spoiler will come up at highspeed to provide additional downforce. The downforce will be adjustable, higher downforce for handling and lower downforce for top speed. The transmission will be an 8-speed paddle gearbox, similar to the Enzo. The owner will have an option between rear wheel drive and four wheel drive. A sophisticated traction control will keep all that horsepower in check and the car will have a strong carbon ceramic brakes.

    The car will have a sharp nose, similar to GM's Stingray 3 concept of the early 90's, and will have large front air ducts like the F50 to provide downforce. The car's styling can be either curvy like the Stingray 3 and Koenigsegg CCR, or it can have edgy styling like the Enzo and Murcielago, depending on the styling trend during the time the car is designed. The car's body profile will be similar to the Dauer 962 LM, with an low and long body that is essential for highspeed stability. It will have 21-inch wheels at the front and 23-inch wheels at the rear.
  2. Stripped Volvo 740 Turbo, 1 bar of boost at the least.
  3. Is this a serious thread? I'm really not sure.
  4. Yes, this is a serious thread.
  5. Swap a Supra 2JZ engine into a 1999 4 Runner.
  6. thats the most rediculous thing ive ever heard....

    5000HP? even then its still not enough to do 400MPH

  7. ok i just got V3.0wned as you say, the rest of my post as follows

    ok, my idea is also 8L but 20 cylinder in a W formation but more spread out then the Veyron's so it has 4 heads instead of 2. quad turbos, [dual TT like in Veyron] the turbos can be dialed to just about any boost amount from 2psi to 18psi via computer and all adjustable aerodynamics that adjust on the fly. Rev limit can also be adjusted but will have an absolute max of 8000 but recomended that it stays at about 6200.
  8. this except a 240.
  9. Cadillac Cien

    Modified 700hp NA LS7 V8
    Alluminum Frame
    Carbon Fiber Body
    Racing air difuser (Front)
    S7 Exhaust outlets
    Striped interior (Similar to S7 but w/ more Carbon Fiber)
    Sparco Racing Seats
    6 Speed Padel Shift or Manual
    Zonda F Wheels (19" Front 20" Rear)
    345/35ZR Rear Tires
    Zonda F Rear Wing/Spoiler
  10. The Mystery Machine.
  11. mid engined, rear wheel drive, 550bhp naturally aspirated Flat 10 engine 427lb/foot torque
    995kg weight
    2 seats, no boot, carbon ceramic brakes, no traction control or ABS or power steering or aircon or stereo. 5 speed manual gearbox
  12. 300l V120, 60 turbos 100 000hk @75000rpm 200 000Nm @50000rpm 50kg, 12 speed manual no ABS,TC, seats, windows, bodypanels, wheels, breaks. Yeah.
  13. Perfect.
  14. My 320i with a million horsepower.
  15. What's wrong with the stock Exige S?
  16. This is contradicted by your first post
  17. i will have a 400kg, 450km/h 1500hp supercar. that also passes Euro NCAP with 5 stars, has a cD of 0.26...all for 100k USD

    i will call it Project 1121
  18. Honestly, there is ultra crazy and then there is utterly ridiculous.
  19. Caterham 7 + BMW-Williams V-10
  20. Plymouth Super Bird,
    with 50/50 weight distribution,
    100hp/L, Flat underbody with Ferrari Venturi Technology
    and a Suspension tuned by Lotus
    1000BHP per tonne
  21. Hmmm.

    4 wheel drive (60% rear/ %40 front)

    Carbon Fibre Body over Carbon Fibre Tub w/Rear Alloy Sub Frame.
    Weight 2700lbs

    Wheelbase: 100 inches
    Width: 76 inches
    Height: 46 inches
    Lenght: 160 inches

    6 speed-DSG Gearbox, close ratio. (Monstrous midrange acceleration,but low highspeed)

    4.5 Twin-turbo chagarged, intercooler V10
    520Lb/ft torque

    Ventialated 16 inch Carbon-ceramic Discs with 6 calipers.
    18/19 Inch Magnesium wheels.

    0-60 ~ 3.0-3.2 sec
    Topspeed ~ 200mph

    Exterior: While the proportions and wheel position might be reminiscent of the MF1 the car is an original design.

  22. Not enough stickers.
  23. Saturn Sky, tuned suspension, LS2, Michelin pilot sport cup (whatever is on the M3 CSL, better exhaust system

    id be happy with that
  24. TVR Cebera Speed 12 with quad turbos.
  25. Thats beyond ultra wild.

    I want one.

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