Design your own ultra wild road car

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  1. peaking of the W18, can someone please outline the problems Bugatti/Vag encountered, and the basic problems with the engine design?
  2. Overheating?
  3. The engine is actually just about wonder considering the amount of testing/engineering/money that went inot it.
  4. Panda + jet.
  5. A VW Lupo with super glue under the accelorator and a bomb straped to the nose..
  6. 4x Audi SportQuattro Engines, welded together like a V & A boxter at the same time.

    5-cylinder engine @ 2144cc x4 = 20-Cylinders @ 8576cc

    306hp x4 = 1224hp

    SportQuattro stock, but lowered & slightly redesigned + Xenon lights.

    Also AC put in.

    Topspeed @ 6th gear = 357 km/h

    Tires 255/17 rear, 235/17 front.

    Hey, i can always dream aight ? :D:D
  7. Valiant Charger body on a 300C, with a Viper V10.

    HQ Monaro body on a HSV GTO.

    HK Monaro body on a HSV GTO

    Torana SL/R 5000 body on an Audi RS4

    C3 Covette body on a C6 Z06

    GTHO body on FPV GT, with Ford 6.4L V10

    VL Calais with R34 GTR running gear
  8. Yep, the engine & gearbox melted a few times
  9. I meant specifically, what was the source of the overheating in the W18, were there other problems?
  10. Jaguar XJ220

    Cool air intake
    twin 7psi turbos
    12000 max rpm (preferably about 6-8)
    Carbon fiber hood
    Zonda Exhaust
    2 sparco racing seats
    around 700-800 dhp
    6 speed padel shifter
    BBS racing rims with Pirellis
    Interior of the Mclaren F1
    DBR9 carbon spoiler
    2inchs of the ground (equipped with airbags)
    All black

  11. a zo6 with my own custom interior
  12. a 1964 austin mini cooper with a 572 supercharged big block. nuff said.
  13. F50Fanatic should stay out the Car comparisons.
  14. also, a cool one would be an e46 BMW m3 with the following;

    -stripped interior, replaced by carbon fiber stuff and a roll cage (target weight, close to 1 ton)

    -GTR replica widebody kit

    -20 inch BBS LM rims

    -engine transplant: replace the 3.2 inline 6 with a heavily modified S62 V8 (from the E39 M5), with renewed pistons, lightweight internals, flat crankshaft, and lightweight flywheel, that makes 700hp at 8500rpm

    -Wing West spoiler

    -7 speed quikshift transmission.

    but, i still want my big block mini <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  15. a couple new ideas, wel sorta

    Track car:

    Engine: supercharged with intercooler
    Flat-8 4L engine making 780 Horsepower at ~8300RPM and 10PSI of boost, with 550 ftlb of torque.

    Body: Similar to Leblanc Mirabeau but with glass cockpit.

    Available AWD. Paddle shift 6 Speed transmission geared for acceleration. Top speed gear limited to 215 mph.

    Weight with RWD:600kg
    Weight with AWD:750 kg

    0-60 with RWD 2.5 seconds
    0-60 with AWD 2.3 seconds

    Mad Motorcycle:

    Twin Turbo charged 2L V8 [mounted transversely] making 650HP @ 14000RPM and 10PSI of boost
    Intercooled with Intercoolers that make up the side body panals. [Turbos at the back near the exhaust feeding air forward to the engine on both sides through intercoolers that make up the outside structure of the bike, as in, exposed]

    Extended swing arm

    consideration towards having a 4 wheel type design such as the Tomahawk
  16. threre already are 700hp busas running around.
  17. sweet would be an audi rs4 v8 powered 92 NSX with a strengthened stiff chassis.

    wild would be a 15L V10 06 viper roadster with god knows how much torque.

  18. I really, really like this idea... although my concept is pretty vague. Just bear with me.

    20 years from now, some mad scientist discovers a way to make the internal combustion engine about 60% efficient rather than about 15% (as it is now). He builds engines that would suffice for top level racing (had he never made his discovery). At this point in automotive technology, internal components have been advanced and refined to be massively more durable, so a 10k redline is simply a joke. He takes a 3l V10 cammed for about 10k (could be more, but the power and torque may already be enough to overwhelm the driver). It generates 1500 bhp at the redline and delivers 800 ft/lbs at whatever rpm is needed for a given gear. The gearbox is a 7-speed unit which can be a pushbutton sequential or a manual, whitchever the driver prefers. Both the transmission and the engine are governed by an ultra compact control unit (because of the discovery, it helps with that torque/gear thing I was talking about). The engine is a stressed component of the frame, whitch is a very rigid carbon tub. The suspension components are very durable as well, and can stand up to much more abuse than what's in use now. The springs and dampers are inboard and the unsprung weight is linked by double wishbones made of a new, flexible carbon material. The dampers and the ride height adjust with the speed of the car and the angle of the front wheels. This happens with the help of the same computer that controls the engine and drivetrain. The steering is manual, but the ratio can be adjusted electronically as speed increases, based on perameters the driver has previously set. The brakes would look absolutely crazy... they're inside out, the calipers on the inside and the discs outward and attached to the inside of the rim, which is behind the whole brake unit. The way this is detatched during a pitstop is a bit wierd... a drawing would explain better than I could. Honestly, I'm not even sure if it would work! But lets pretend it does. These brakes could stop a train... and you can see every bit of them when they start glowing. The body is an absolute work of art. Think of an ariel atom with a roof and fenders, but more "normally proportioned" than a Caparo T1. It seats two, one behind the other, and has one door... sort of. It's more like a canopy hatch, opening like that of a jet fighter. A bit of the front hood opens with it and exposes the hinges and the front suspension components. It weighs about 1600 or 1700 lbs because of it's simple yet advanced construction. It retains a radio, a GPS, a small, isolated climate control unit (another iffy invention), and a tiny, voice controlled cabin computer. All this stuff would be light, ultra compact, and isolated and could be removed easily if needed. The rest of the body is kind of a mystery to me... not many of my sketches do the concept justice. The headlights look alot like those of the FXX, but they're actually inspired by the mouth of the F-16's chain gun. After that, it looks kind of like a lower, sleeker version of a Super GT NSX. Assuming that Jeremy Clarkson is still alive and kicking at this time, he would drive it and have alot of really funny things to say... "It's totally mad! Driving it is like jumping out of an airplane at 30k feet and forgetting that you even have a parachute!"

    Now about the make... maybe the racing team affiliated with said mad scientist would strike it rich and decide to build their own car. Obviously, there couldn't be a big difference between the racer and the road car... the racer would be lighter and could rev higher. Something like that... I'll try to post some good sketches of it soon.
  19. The brakes would get wet, wouldn't they! Does that make a difference if you use carbon ceramic rotors?
  20. AWD, 2000 horsepower turbine powered, nanotechnology shapeshifting body for low and high speed, buckytube body and chasis, 360 degree outdoor-image lcd laminate glass that can display the surroundings outside like a clear day no matter what the weather or darkness or can just be shut off and left clear like normal glass.

    Car monitors your brain waves and learns about your driving habits, strengths, likes, dislikes, fears etc and adapts every possible driving system to take you to the edge of your ability. Car can also be switched to "fear" mode which is a safety mode by where the car values its own existance and is afraid to crash and rates hazards central brain and takes proactive action to prevent any damage to itself either from hitting other cars, getting hit, also monitors the road conditions and tire adhesion, wind, temperature, humidity, etc etc etc and accomodates.

    Without looking at computer charts and graphs this cars track mode could tell you exactly what you need to do to get faster lap times based on every major track in the world and the direct characteristics fastest drivers in the world.

    FOr instance. you could goto Fiorano, special transmitters will outline the whole track, input a famous driver and the car will repeat his lap in that car, on that track without any input from you.

    Mabye I should write science
  21. Goodness, at least I tried to keep it realistic! Very cool, though.
  22. An Ariel Atom-like auto with a closed cockpit and integrated/ f1 style spoiler along with a miniaturized freestream or audi r8 style front. Powered by a tuned and increased displacement zx-14 or busa motor, hell, maybe a force fed one or something as long as the dynograph didnt look like a single turbo supra, hehe. I'd have ceramic brakes, and full carbon fiber cockpit, digital dash, ala c6-r meets s2000, with ac being the only option. It would weigh in somewhere around 1500 lbs, with 350+ hp
  23. Ok, I hate making excuses, but this computer is of the stone age... thus, this scan is sideways. I haven't done that many sketches of my idea, but this is the best I have. On the bottom of the page is another idea I had for a 4-wheeler that had a chassis designed for grand prix and an f1 v8.
  24. Here's mine: I had actually created my supercar vehicle quite some time ago and i'm excited i finally have some where to post it!

    Vehicle Type:
    2 Door, coupe, 2 Seater Supercar

    Vehicle Competition:
    Ferrari F430
    Lamborghini Gallardo
    Ford GT
    Dodge Viper SRT-10
    Ascari KZ1
    Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06


    -6208cc, Mercedes-AMG V8 from CLS63
    -Maximum Engine Speed: 7,200 rpm
    -Compression Ratio: 11.3:1
    -Engine Speed at 97KM/H in Top Gear: 2,200 rpm
    -Bore & Stoke: 102.2mm x 94.6mm
    -84 PS Per Litre
    -76 Tq Per Litre

    Maximum Overall Power

    520PS @ 6,200 rpm (Recalibrated for an extra 6PS)
    470lb-ft of torque @ 4,900 rpm (Recalibrated 300 rpm earlier with an extra 5lb-ft)

    0-100KM/H: 3.8 seconds
    0-160KM/H: 7.5 seconds
    0-200KM/H 11.6 seconds
    Top Speed: 314KM/H
    Nürburgring Lap Time: 7:43
    Hockenheim Lap Time: 1:10.5
    18 Metre Slalom: 72.3KM/H
    36 Metre Slalom: 139KM/H
    110 Metre Evasive: 159KM/H
    200kmh-0: 125.6 metres
    200kmh-0: 4.6 Seconds
    80-120kmh in 4th Gear: 3.0 seconds
    Conering G’s: 1.35

    Other Specifications:

    Specifications: Construction Methods, Brakes, Transmission and etc

    -Body Construction: Carbon Fibre
    -Chassis Tub Construction: Aluminium Space Frame
    -Carbon Safety Cell
    -Wheel Construction from Magnesium
    -85 litre Petrol Tank
    -Sound Level in First Gear to Redline: 89db
    -Sound Level at 113kmh: 77db
    -Drag Coefficient: .37
    -Price: £165,000
    -Production Figures: 100


    Length: 170.4 inches - Cayman
    Width: 75.5 inches – F430
    Height: 46.8 inches – Wiesmann GT
    Wheelbase: 105.7 inches – Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06
    Front Track: 63.5 inches – Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06
    Rear Track: 62.5 inches – Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06

    Transmission: 6 Speed Manual or Sequential Developed by CIMA

    -Maximum Speed Allowed in First Gear: 80KM/H

    Ratio 1: 3.07
    Ratio 2: 2.08
    Ratio 3: 1.77
    Ratio 4: 1.10
    Ratio 5: 0,90
    Ratio 6: 0,77

    Overall Drive Ratio: 3,90

    Kerbweight: 1310kg
    Weight Distribution: 44/55 %
    PS Per Ton: 396
    TQ Per Ton: 358

    Tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport
    Front: 225/35/19

    Rear: 295/30/19

    Brakes: Brembo

    Standard – Steel/ * Optional Ceramic

    Front: 380mm/Rear: 350mm – 4 Piston/4 Piston

    * Front: 380mm/Rear 370mm – 6 Piston/4 Piston
  25. Ok... never mind. This computer is from the stone age, thus there is no picture at all...?

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