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  1. Wow! The doors looks so cool. And the front wheel housing rises up like that..I love it.
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    me too.....
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    I love the Tipo's design, so calm. Say, isn't this in Sega GT 2002?!?
    I's a prize car on 'Dancing Horizon Cup'.
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    I have a friend that owns this car. In person it is one of the most gorgeous and perfect desgins of all time. When you're in the drivers seat, the small v8 sticks out behind your head. VERY RARE!!!
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    MOST BEAUTIFUL CAR EVER!. Please if what you are saying is true, please get some pics man.
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    Yeah, sure McSoc, you lying scot. I left my Tucker Torpedo in my other pants or I'd bust it out right now. Nobody actually has one of these. I don't know how many there are, but they've gotta be worth a wad of cash big enought to choke a mule with. If you've actually got a buddy with a Stradale, why don't you consider providing him with compulsory oral sex? I'd do it to drive a Stradale, and demand it of anyone who asked to drive mine. Your so called "story" about you buddies Stradale holds no water without mention of oral sex. I mean, don't people even TRY to Bullshit anymore?
  7. Nice doors, and good stlyling.

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