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  1. I thought you hated Ferrari...?
  2. I think the car is very attractive, but its aggressive headlights, side fender panels and roofline dilute the smoother and more sensual design that Ferrari/Pinin Farina has employed in the past, if you ask me. I figure that this design may still actually maintain some of Ferrari's classic stylings, but I hope that it has a wheelbase of over 103 inches to soften the impression that the car makes...
  3. Why does the latest Ferrari cars try to look abit like the enzo ??.

    i think the enzo was ugly, and now they are taking design bits from the enzo and putting them on other models.

  4. I have to say, this car looks no where near as good as the old 575M. Its a shame, all these new Ferraris have gone for some modern techy look and some of those classic curves are gone. I like the less controvercial, smoother styling of past Ferraris more. As for the comment that it looks like a Corvette, your right. When the C6 came out, journalists were all saying how it looked like a Ferrari, and how it had Ferrari headlights and a Grill more akin to Ferraris. Its a shame they had to copy an Italian exotic and thus ruin some of the speciallness that was in Ferraris before you could buy a look-a-like for 45grand. sigh... sad times for ferrari in terms of styling, awesome times in terms of innovations and performance, but the styling...
  5. true. and it seems a lot of you have issues with the rear, especially the lights. I hate the lights
  6. I'm sorry to say it but I agree, it looks a little bit like a Corvette C6. I'm not saying that Ferrari copies GM designs or anything, just the proportions of both cars are quite similar ok? The Ferrari doesn't look bad at all, but if I had to mention the 2 things I disliked the most, it would be the out-dated wheels and the rear lights. I suppose most people are used to see 4 rear lights in every Ferrari and that is one of the timeless characteristics of most of them... When they came up with the new design in the Enzo and after that in the 430 it looked fantastic, but now they are using a simple rear light design that doesn't look very Ferrari indeed.
    (This is just my opinion ok?)
  7. that car is and will be a classic
  8. i agree with canasn. those lights look crap.i wont pick this over a 575.
  9. Any intelligent buyer won't really give much a f**k about and fuss over a $150k++ car just because of its headlights and/or taillights...
  10. I'm starting to like this more and more...I still think that it's missing a set of tail lights though.

    I've said this before...but this would look so much better as an Alfa Romeo.


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