Despite what people think...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by AMERICAN DRUG LABOURER, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. ...there is NOT enough porn on the internet.
  2. And there never will be, duh!
  3. Edit, nevermind i could get banned for that. I think I can say adult links 4 adults though.
  4. *quality porn
  5. you masturbate too much.

    end of story.
  6. You can post links as long as you warn, lol.
  7. I dont know man kinda risky for me... And I dont want to go through that stage of 10 posts per day again if I get banned. That sucks. Ill play it safe this time.
  8. ITS AlL GOOD !~
  9. WARNING! May contain sexual activities ( or links to them ) not acceptable to some. Continue at your own discretion.

    EDIT: K I got scared again, if you didnt get it then make me a cryz.
  10. that must mean Marauder has a pretty twisted fetish or something, of which there's a quite limited supply on the internet. which could be the only possible explanation for why he would think there ISNT enough porn on the internet. and if it's actually that hard to get on the internet, it must be a pretty despicable fetish, worthy of our scorn!
  11. either that or hes a 10-12 year old who has a prostate eager to please.
  12. he is net nanny's bïtch.
  13. lofl
  14. *child porn
  15. I find that there isn't enough 86 year 3 months old cambodian virgin policeman daughter getting #$%#ed by a wild boar in Slovakian woods porn
  16. lol
  17. I honestly think you are wrong.
  18. I just wanna see grandmothers covered in feces having sex with horses on top of Bea Arthur's grave!
  19. WARNING! May contain gross seens of self-masterbation, homosexual activities, and rituals involving goats. May cause heart attack, stroke, involentery bowl movements, and in some cases death. Please talk to your doctor if you are or could be pregnant. Smoking increases these risks. Have a nice day.

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