Destroyer Vs. Cruiser

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  1. what's the difference?
  2. one destroys while the other cruises? DUH
  3. Overall dimensions, displacement, and amount of armaments. Basically, cruisers are bigger and have more stuff to blow things up with. A simple comparison between US ships:

    Arleigh Burke class destroyer (Flight IIA)
    Displacement: 9,200 tons
    Dimensions: 509 ft L x 59 ft W
    Guns: 1 x 5-inch, 2 x Phalanx 20mm
    Missiles: 90 VLS tubes

    Ticonderoga class cruiser
    Displacement: 9,500 tons
    Dimensions: 567 ft L x 55 ft W
    Guns: 2 x 5-inch, 2 x Phalanx 20mm
    Missiles: 122 VLS tubes

    Today, though, it's not quite so easy to compare the two, because only three countries actually operate proper cruisers (United States, Russia, Peru).
  4. Historically Cruisers were able to operate offensively alone, whereas destroyers were predominantly for defense of carrier groups.

    But the difference is less than it once was, particularly when comparing the capabilities of modern destroyers with older cruisers.
  5. Considering how much the cruise missile has changed Naval warfare, and how similar Cruisers are to Destroyers today, the R&D and the design costs probably just lean everybody towards building a few extra Destroyers. The largest battleships ever didn't have half a modern Destroyers firepower.
  6. even the IOWA class?
  7. Even the Iowa, I'd say, based on range and accuracy, and and the huge ordinants that cruise missiles can carry (although of course they never confirm or deny nuclear weapons on individual boats, the Arleigh Burke class carries Tomahawks, which are very capable of nuclear deliverance). However, the Iowa was a mother#$%#er of the highest order. It would be terrifying in a way a destroyer never could be, being shelled from 15 miles inland.
  8. Indeed. Also, good points.
  9. It also depends on whether the Iowa is packing nukes or not. Remember, they had Tomahawks after the '80s rebuild, and there were also nuclear shells built for the 16" guns.

    But I suppose it really depends on what you're doing with the ship. The Burkes are better all around, especially since they're built from the start with lots of modern missile and radar/fire control/etc systems, while the Iowas were only partly refitted with some newer stuff. But in terms of general bombardment, the Iowas are king, as long as their targets are close to shore.
  10. The next gen US destroyers will be more powerful than todays cruisers.
  11. Well, in ace combat it takes 2 extra missles to destroy a cruiser. I hope that helps.
  12. Your an idiot.
  14. In today's world? Very little, especially when you look at the hull form of many modern cruisers and see that they are actually scaled-up destroyer hulls rather than true cruiser hulls. A destroyer hull is essentially a large speed boat, designed to go very fast, riding over the waves. A cruiser hull, on the other hand, is not quite as fast (although they can still scoot) but has better seakeeping ability in heavy seas.

    However, what with advances in propulsion and hull-stability aids, the need for a true cruiser hull is quickly vanishing.

    For examples, look at the hull of the USS Long Beach (CGN 9), a true cruiser, and compare that to a Ticonderoga cruiser and an Arleigh Burke.
  15. Is Battleship (like for example the Bismarck) yet another type of ship?
  16. Yeah, Battleships were the biggest and most powerful ships in the fleet. They have been phased out of modern naval warfare though.
  17. now its the air craft carrier (or super carrier) thats the biggest.
  18. Cool, Thanx!.

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