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  1. so is this what detomaso does now? it used to be one of the best italian manufacter wit Ferrari and Lamborghini. now it's a small company that almost know one knows about<!-- Signature -->
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    This car kinda looks tight...
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    I thought DeTomaso went out of business in the late 80's after the Pantera tanked. It's good to see they're still up and running. I like this one, it's pretty slick.<!-- Signature -->
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    I'm with OldSchool... maybe someone salvaged and rebuilt em...?
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    This one is pretty sleak looking. I don't know though, everytime I see a car with pop-up headlights it looks outdated. But other than that I like it.
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    i reakon it would look better in silver.
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    Damn this car is as hell too, i love all Detomasos, all of them are great, its too bad youll never see one of these cars in real life,
  8. yeah detomaso just sells in and around europe

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