Diablo GT on ebay.

Discussion in 'Car Classifieds' started by Tipo F130A, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. This was the fastest and most powerful car in production when it was released, what contemporaries of it are you talking about?
    A total of 80 cars produced worldwide definitely makes it rare compared to most. Not beautiful? Maybe, but extremely aggressive and exotic looking for sure.
    The price is only ridiculous if you can get one for a lot less somewhere else, otherwise it's just what it costs.
    Maybe you can get an early 90s Diablo VT for around 100k, but this isn't exactly the same.
  2. Yes, it's not exactly the same, but it's still not three times better than a Diablo.
  3. than the early Diablos it is. they were notorious peices of crap right out of the gate quality wise (minus the engine, brilliant peice of engineering that). when Audi took over with the production of the 6.0 they were a totally different car. anyone wanting to buy a good Diablo either wants a GT or a 6.0. otherwise you'll just be wasting your money.
  4. Some people complain about Audi's takeover of Lambo, but I really like what they've done with it, and I guess this can be considered their first success.
  5. Oh my thats very good looking.

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