Diablo pwns F430

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by AstonDB7, May 20, 2006.

  1. right put any normal driver into the smart car and stick a retarded ape on crack in the ferrari and the smart car wins. wow
  2. It's not a normal smart you dip.
  3. How dumb are you?>
  4. That's funny.

    I got the impression that the Smart started a little earlier than the Ferrari (or the Ferrari delayed its start, whatever...), what maybe could put the times closer. But it's still pretty impressive. Do you have any info on what is pushing that smart?
  5. Yamaha R1 engine I heard.
  6. there was a video of a smart going around with a GSXR 500 engine. Is this the same one?
  7. Whether that Ferrari lost or not, it's engine note made my heart skip a beat.
  8. It's probably the 1000
  9. Regardless that the F430 had one of the shittiest starts ever, that smart deserves a nod for sure
  10. Shutup, you idiot.
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  12. I know its not a normal smart but you can see that the ferrari driver still had a pretty bad run. my guess is that these cars should be about equal if you raced them over and over. still pretty damn amazing though
  13. "Can not create DirectShow player."

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  14. Wrong. Shut up before making a bigger retard of yourself.

    The way the rear end of that smart just squatted...some serious acceleration there.
  15. its a friggen hayabusa engine guys...
  16. Ok this is another concept that i have discussed with some of my friends.

    probably you know Suzuki actually made a concept cars using Hayabusa Engine right? The problem is how they do the Gearbox? Using the Bike Gearbox? they can put a normal Conventional Gearbox like normal cars.
  17. Funny, even so 13.4s is a very bad time for a F430...
  18. i thought the smart would run a faster time then the ~13 seconds it ran.

    also how can you stuff up a launch with a car equiped with launch control :/
  19. wtf diablo? where's the diablo?
  20. stupid
  21. They named it Diablo.
  22. It was done in the street so it's believable. The track and the street are 2 whole different worlds.
  23. That is a sleeper.

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