Did America copy the mig 25 design ?

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  1. Belenko was a pilot with the 513th Fighter Regiment of the Soviet Anti-Air Defense based in Chuguyevka, Primorsky Krai. He achieved worldwide fame on September 6th, 1976 when he successfully defected to the west, flying his MiG 25 "Foxbat" to Hakodate, Japan. This was the first time the west was able to get a close look at the aircraft, and it revealed many secrets and surprises.

    The MiG was disassembled, examined, and returned to the USSR in thirty crates. Belenko brought with him the pilot's manual for the Foxbat, expecting to assist American pilots in evaluating and testing the aircraft. However, the Japanese government only allowed the US to examine the plane and do ground tests of the RADAR and engines.

    After the plane was returned the US released the f-15

  2. I think you mean the F-15 and they arn't even really that similer.
  3. ya the f-15
  4. Actually, the F-15 was introduced into US service several years before Belekno defected with his MiG-25. In any case, there's little common between the two, besides that they both have two engines and two vertical tails.

    The MiG-25 is a point-defense interceptor, made to go stupid fast for a short time, fire its missiles, and land.

    The F-15 on the other hand can do many things other than just firing missiles at planes, being a multi-role fighter.
  5. they are made for near opposite roles.
  6. As has been stated already, the F-15 was in the works long before we got a good look at the -25. This is just a case of convergent evolution. Both are designed for similar roles.
  7. I thought the f-15 was more of a multirole plane? The foxbat was designed to try and chase down things like the blackbird and cancelled xb-70 wasn't it?
  8. IIRC, The Mig25 started development in the early 50s as a response to the Abortive XF103. In response the US needed a bomber that culd reliably pass the mig25 interceptors so the XB70 was born, (though at the time this was a war on paper, as no prototypes had yet been built). The XB70 was canceled, but in light of other American plans such as the YF-12, the Mig25 develpment continued until it flew in 1964.

    The F-15 develpment started in the early-mid 60s, I think, to meet demand for a new class of 'air superiority' fighter. Though the Foxbat was more of an interceptor, I don't think that it would be too much of a stretch to say that F-15 development hoped to trump the mig25 while at the same time meating American requirements for air-superiority. I guess what I am saying is that the pressence of the mig25 might well have had some influence on the F-15, but it was by no means coppied.

  9. Wasn't the Mig 25 a copy of the Avro Arrow. Wasnt one of the reasons the arrow project was shut down was because a soviet spy had infiltrated the avro plant. He then took back what he had learned and it was used to help design the MiG-25
  10. Nope. There were signs up in the MacDAC design rooms saying "Not a Pound for Air-to-Ground."
  11. I haven't found anything to suggest that that's true. The only thing I see related is the overall shape, and even that's different.
  12. Sounds fishy to me, everyone knows the arrow isnt around because of trudeau that bastard, but the speed must have been similar at least.
  13. doubt it, seeing thaey are not that alike.
  14. America has never copied anything ever. They are the greatest country in the world. This talk is bordering on terrorism /thread closed.
  15. I just got a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
  16. thats called a heart attack chunks.
  17. The Mig-25 is rumored to have been a copy of the Avro Arrow. Production of the Arrow was stopped because several people had infiltrated the production of the aircraft and the Russians gained much knowledge that was seen in their MiG-25. The F-15 was built in response to the MiG-25 which was thought early on to be a much better performer than it actually proved to be.
  18. I haven't seen a creddible source to that effect. It's a pretty common rumor.
  19. No - it was Diefenbaker that killed it. Gave in the the Americans - go figure. The Bomarac missle was supposed to be the answer...which we all know it wasn't.

    Too bad...for the Arrow we got Voodoo's, and Starfighters in return. Horrible trade if you ask me.

    Interesting thought - but do you think Canada would ever buy non-American jets (fighters, refuelers, ASW, ...umm..that's all we have?) Canada did have a single SU-27 a few years back (probably on lease) but that's it.

    Next gen Canadian planes: CF-18E/Fs, F35s (more than likely), and possibly some F22s.
  20. no F-22s. we can't trust those crafty canadians with that kind of technology.
  21. 1 F22 = canadas yearly defence budget.
  22. I'm not entirely sure that's an exageration.
  23. Here is what I found about a spy in the avro plant, apparently it was aired on history channel.

    "In 2005, The History Channel aired a special (Secret Superpower Aircraft: Fighters), in which it revealed for the first time that the totality of the Arrow's cancellation was due to a suspected Soviet KGB spy in the Avro plant, whose work culminated in the building of the MiG-25, an interceptor that bore many similarities to the Arrow. This is highly unlikely and the suggestion is the writer has gotten it wrong. The fact of a mole in Avro was revealed in the 70s in a book about the RCMP. The fact was confirmed by RCAF personnel to the author of Storms. Later this fact was confirmed in a book called the Mitrokhin archives. The mole issue was given in Storms as the reason why the aircraft and plans were destroyed. This was further revealed in Storms in quoting an Aviation Week article from 1959 that stated government officials had said the plans were destroyed as they could aid a potential enemy."
  24. That makes no sense whatsoever. The Soviets stole 90% of the ideas and technology they ever used. You Don't deprive yourself of the benefit from a project that has already been compromised. And if you think it is going to be compromised scrapping it altogether makes no sense. You drive the project underground.

    Either Canadians at the time were completely retarded, or that was not the only reason for it.
  25. soviets bad. yay America. (and canadia)

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